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2018 Panel Proposal Form
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GCLS Panels consist of a group of diverse panelists assembled to discuss topics of interest to the Lesbian Fiction Community. Panels are facilitated by a moderator.

In 2018, Panel topics should fit into one of five categories: Diversity, Reader Engagement, Reader Education, Author Education, or Entertainment (for readers and/or authors).

Panel proposals should follow the guidelines and information below:

  • Panel proposals should fit into one of these five categories: Diversity, Reader Engagement, Reader Education, Author Education, or Entertainment.
  • You may submit an entire panel with a moderator, as long as the panelist membership meets the criteria established and stated in the section on Panelists (below).
  • On the other hand, you are not required to submit names for consideration as panelists or moderator.  We have many people who will apply to be panelists.
  •  If you work with your proposed panelists to plan your panel in advance of being accepted, please be sure to inform them of the potential for change on the panel, and check whether any of your panelists are already on another panel. 
  •  A microphone and podium will be provided for the moderator, plus two microphones to be shared amongst the panelists.  Please be sure to note if there are any other technologies or resources that you will need (e.g. easel, paper, projector).

Panelist Guidelines:

(Note: Proposer is not required to submit panelist names, but if you do, please follow these guidelines. You may submit names for the full panel.)

  • Panel Composition: 4-5 panelists which should include:  at least one reader or editor (as appropriate to the topic); at least one independent or self-published author; and at least one traditionally published author.
  • Panels that have all the published panelists from one publishing house will not be approved.
  • The GCLS strives for diversity on panels to ensure there is representation from multiple viewpoints and experiences. There are multiple forms of diversity. Our goal is to ensure there is representation from under-represented groups, whenever it is possible.  (e.g. race, color, culture, size, gender identity, age, ability and more).
  • Panelists will most likely participate on one panel only.  If a panelist is recommended on multiple panels, the panelist will be asked to choose which panel she wishes to be on.  Once all requests to serve on a panel have been met, if there are still openings – then we will schedule panelists to be assigned to a second panel.

Please remember that these are simply guidelines to assist you with your proposal. ALL proposals will be reviewed and considered carefully for inclusion on the 2018 Conference schedule.  If you have an idea, submit it! We'd love to know about it.

Proposals due December 31, 2017.

You don’t need to submit panelists to propose a panel.

If you wish, you may list possible participants who you have already contacted and have indicated they would be willing to serve on this panel. We will have dozens of applicants who desire to sit on the panels.

Please provide the following:

  • First and Last name (For authors, please provide the name they publish under.)
  • Email address (They will be sent a panelist application that will be reviewed in tandem with your proposal.)
  • A brief justification for their inclusion (e.g., What books have they written on this topic? What have they reviewed on this topic?).

Note: The scheduling committee and Board of Directors will have final approval for all placements. Making suggestions doesn’t guarantee selection, but the scheduling committee will work with the proposer to reach an amenable solution.

Please remember:

  • Listing potential panelists is NOT required to submit a proposal
  • It is STRONGLY recommended that you speak with each potential panelist before listing them here
  • There is no guarantee that your proposed panelists will be placed on the panel
  • Review the Panelist Guidelines listed toward the top of this page
  • Provide the names, email addresses, and rationales for each potential panelist 

I have read the guidelines provided for proposals and panelists. I understand that, while the Review Committee will do it's best to honor my request for panelists, I am not guaranteed these particular panelists.

Additionally, I understand that the conference begins on Wednesday, July 4, 2018. If selected, the panel could be scheduled any time between Noon on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 and 3:00 pm on Saturday, July 7, 2018.  It is my responsibility to inform the Review Committee of any time conflicts that may occur.

2018 Tee Corinne Nominations

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