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Conference Scholarships
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The GCLS offers scholarships to help readers, authors, and editors attend our annual conference, who would otherwise not be able to come due to financial limitations. You do not need to be a member of the GCLS to apply.


Due to the high demand for scholarships, and in an effort to assist as many people as possible, the GCLS Conference Scholarships cover the cost of hotel rooms only.

When you request a scholarship, please only request the amount that you truly need, so that we can be sure to help as many people as possible to attend.  If you will be sharing a room – please only request a 50% or shared-room scholarship.

  1. Partial Hotel Stay (1, 2 or 3 nights)
  2. Shared Room: (50% of hotel room for up to 4 nights)
  3. Full Hotel Stay (4 nights, full room)


Other ways to save:

Conference Registration is available on a monthly payment plan to help with the more difficult outlay of a single payment.  You can purchase the less expensive no-food ticket/registration and bring food or purchase cheaper food outside the conference venue to help keep your costs down.  The no-food tickets are also available on the monthly payment plan.

Recipients of conference scholarships are required to work as volunteers at the conference.

Scholarships are funded by members and non-members who donated funds at the previous conference, to help you attend this conference. Volunteering at the conference is your opportunity to thank those who donated to cover your hotel costs. Volunteer commitments are commensurate with the amount of scholarship awarded to you.  Generally, the obligation is between 4 and 8 hours.  If you have a disability that limits your assignments, we can work with you.  There are lots of different kinds of things that need doing and require various levels of dexterity or ability.

Scholarship Recipients will be contacted about two months before the conference, by Aschlie Lake, our Director of Volunteers.  She will send you a questionnaire that you need to fill in. Aschlie will then notify you of your volunteer assignment and times.  You can reach her at


Do scholarships pay for conference registration, travel &/or food costs? 

  • No, that is your responsibility.  We recommend that applicants sign up for the monthly payment plan for your registration costs, so as to make it as affordable as possible for you.

If I receive a scholarship, AND I am not notified until after January 31st  can I still buy my registration at earlybird prices?

  • Yes, you will be allowed to purchase a ticket at the earlybird price until February 28th, 2016

I got a scholarship two years ago, so I can apply again this year, right?

  • No, unfortunately, previous scholarship recipients may not apply for a scholarship for 3 years following the year of receipt of scholarship.  This is a Change from previous years.  For example, if you received a scholarship in 2015, then you must skip 2016 and 2017 before you can apply again for 2018.


What are the priorities for getting a scholarship:

  • The following is a general statement, and not a formula of any kind.  However we hope that it will help to share our general principles / guidelines. 
  • The main goal of scholarships is to allow people who have never experienced a GCLS Conference and who can't afford to come based on their finances, to come and find out what we are all about.  Therefore, applicants who have never attended a conference will generally be given preference over those who have.  There are, of course other considerations but this is a primary goal.  
  • Additionally, we look for people who have not attended the conference in a long time, and who have volunteered throughout the year doing a lot for the organization but can't afford to attend. We also look for applicants who express a sincere desire to attend the conference with the intent to learn about LesFic - regardless of whether it is from the perspective of a reader, an author or an editor.


QUESTIONS? Contact us at

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