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 See you in TWO WEEKS!
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Wednesday Night Meet & Greet

As veteran Conference attendees know, we have a Meet & Greet on the first evening of the Conference. In most recent years, this has been an Ice Cream Social - many, many scoops of ice cream and loads of toppings.

This year, we're doing something a little different.

Don't worry! There will still be ice cream. But, we're adding to our Wednesday evening social gathering. We're having the Conference in Chicago, right? Well, what better way to celebrate than to do things the Chicago way?

Yes! We'll have Chicago Dogs!That's right...Hot Dogs with all of the fixings! (You might have to bring your own ketchup. Though, expect some side-eye from the natives if you do.)

Vegetarian? Vegan? Gluten Free? Don't worry. You won't be left out. The hotel has assured us that they've got us covered.

Special Diets

Speaking of Vegetarians, Vegans, and Gluten free (Oh, my!), if you indicated you have any of these special diet needs when you registered, you'll be taken care of. This has all been taken care of when consulting with the hotel chefs about our lunches on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. (And, as mentioned above, the Meet & Greet.)

If you identified allergies, these have been taken into account, as well.

If you have specific questions about the food offerings provided by your "with Food" ticket, please contact Mary Phillips at She'll do her best to answer any questions you many have.



Yes, Raffles!We're going to have MANY chances to enter and win this year! What are we raffling? I'm glad you asked!

Item Raffles:Right now, we have a few donations that we will be raffling each day. We may get more. In fact, if you have anything that YOU would like to donate for the GCLS Conference Raffles, please contact Mary Phillips at Here is what we have so far:

  • Kindle Fire w/ extra Memory Card!
  • Tool Belt!
  • Tote Bag full of books!
  • Full Access with Food Pass for the 2018 Conference in Las Vegas!

Lunch Raffles: We'll also be having our annual "Lunch with the Authors" Raffle. You and another winner will have the opportunity to win a "lunch date" with two of our attending authors - just the four of you at your own table to enjoy lunch and chat. We'll let you know which authors will be "lunching at the Con" as soon as we have the schedule all worked out.

Tickets will be sold for $1 each - and you can enter each raffle as often as you wish. So save up your pennies and come prepared to buy some raffle tickets!

Open Mic - Wednesday, 2pm - 4pm

We've added a new session to the Conference schedule this year. We're having an Open Mic on Wednesday afternoon.

This is open toEVERYONE. You do NOT have to be an author to participate. If you've got a favorite novel or poem you'd like to read from, this is the opportunity for you.

Some things to remember:

  • Come prepared! You've got 2 weeks. Use them wisely.
  • Keep it to 5 minutes or fewer so that everyone who wants to can participate.
  • There will be a sign up at registration!!We'll be putting names "in a hat" (or something that will hold pieces of paper with names written on them) and then picking names at random during the Open Mic. If you're not there when your name is called, we'll put it back and give you a chance later. (We realize there are other things happening that you may want to attend.)
  • Did we mention thatANYONEcan participate?

Have specific questions? Email Ann Roberts at

Silent Auction

Yes, we're still taking donations!Just remember, if you need to ship your donation to Chicago, it will need to arrive by June 30th!That's the last day that Carleen can accept deliveries. After that, you'll need to arrange to have someone take it to Mary Hettel at the hotel. (You can ship to the hotel, but they will charge you for accepting, holding, and delivering your package.) You can fill out a donation formHERE. If you have any questions about the Silent Auction, please email Mary Hettel at

Sincerely, The GCLS Board of Directors
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