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2020 Conference Update: Refunds

Saturday, April 25, 2020  
Posted by: Mary Phillips

A Letter from the Executive Director

April 20, 2020

As you know we had to cancel the 2020 conference in Albuquerque due to the Covid-19 pandemic.For the GCLS this is historic. In our 16 years of hosting conferences this is the first one that has had to be canceled. Registrations were at an all time high in anticipation of the fun, food and fellowship in Albuquerque. 

As promised, below are several registration refund options for those of you who have paid in full or paid through our payment plan. 

Option 1: Full Refund
Full refund for those who paid in full.
Payment plan registrants will receive full refund of what has been paid to date.

Option 2: Roll Registration Forward
For fully paid registrants you may roll over the registration to the 2021 conference in Orlando.
For payment plan registrants, you can continue to pay and the monies will be rolled over to your 2021 registration.
You will have until May 15, 2021 to cancel and receive a full refund if you find you are unable to attend.

Option 3: Donation of Registration Fees
Registration fees may be donated to one or more of our funds. Click here for a list of funds.If you are unsure which fund to donate to, we prefer the General Fund to allow the organization the most flexibility. Registrations for 2020 will be canceled.
Select the option you prefer and send that information in an email to Sandy Thornton, Treasurer,  at Please include your current mailing address in case she needs to send a physical check.  Also include the name you want on the check.

Hotel Albuquerque has already canceled all the reservations and notified those of you who had reservations. 
We will take care of the reservations at the Rio Grande/Best Western for those who reserved there.
GCLS does suffer a financial loss with canceling the conference. The auctions raise money for scholarships and the general fund, and our daily giveaways and raffles helped offset conference costs. Thus, if you have the means to donate all or some of your registration to GCLS, it would be much appreciated, but not expected.
There will be more information coming about our virtual conference options, author readings and panels.

All the best,
Mary Phillips


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