2015 Con Friday Schedule

Schedule - Day 3

Friday, July 24, 2015                                      

 Updated July 5, 2015

8:00 - 6:00pm:    Vendor Area and Registration Desk Open


8:30 - 9:20am:  

Master Class - Part 1:  More Than Dead Bodies and Sex: Plot, Suspense and Structure in the Mystery Novel
Presenter: J.M. Redmann and Greg Herren
Location: Chart

Panel:  Flying By The Seats of Our Pants: The Changing Dynamics of Lesbian Fiction
Moderator:  Andi Marquette
Panelists: Jessie Chandler, RG Emanuelle, Ann McMan, Chris Paynter
Location: Compass


Panel: Who Says We're Not Normal? (Paranormal, that is...)
Moderator:Sheri Lewis Wohl
Panelists:Mavis Applewater, Karen Badger, Rachel Gold, D. Jackson Leigh, Ali Vali
Location:  Steering Room


Author Reading-Chat: 
Authors:   Georgia Beers                      RJ Samuel
                  Jeanine Hoffman                  Rachel Spangler
                  MB Panichi                           Caren Werlinger
Moderator:Lynne Pierce
Location:  Quarterdeck

Location:  Quarterdeck MB Panichi                         Rachel Spangler                      
 Rachel SpanglerMB Panichi                       Caren Werlinger
 Location:  Quarterdeck

9:20 - 9:40am:

Sponsored by  Lambda Literary 
(Hallway between Vendor Area and Quarterdeck).


9:40 - 10:30am:  

Master Class - Part 2: More Than Dead Bodies and Sex: Plot, Suspense, and Structure in the Mystery Novel
Presenter: J.M. Redmann and Greg Herren
Location: Chart

PanelFanFic to LesFic
Moderator: Isabella
Panelists: Karen Badger, Kathleen Knowles, KG MacGregor, Ann McMan
Location: Compass
Sponsored by Sapphire Books

PanelFade to Black or Go There - Part 1: Let's Talk About Sex In Our Books
Moderator: Cindy Rizzo
Panelists: Jeanine Hoffman, Sandra Moran, Linda North, Erin O'Reilly, Rebecca Swartz
Location: Steering


Author Reading-Chat
Authors:   Pat Cronin                      Lee Lynch
                A.L. Duncan                     Jen Silver
                Riley Adair Garret          Baxter Clare Trautman

Moderator:Elaine Mulligan-Lynch
Location:  Quarterdeck


10:40 - 11:30am

Session:Evil 201: Wicked Women - Why We Love Them & How We Use Them.
Presenter: Shari Lewis Wohl
Location: Chart

Presentation:Judging A Book By Its Content:  The GCLS Judging and Awards Process
Presenters: Tiffany Berry (GCLS Awards Administrator) and Carleen Spry (Awards Liaison)
Location: Compass

Panel:  Fade To Black Or Go There - Part 2: That Scene Really Turned Me On/Off
Moderator:  Cindy Rizzo
Panelists:  Karin Kallmaker, Taylor James, Chris Paynter, MJ Williamz
Sponsored by Robbi McCoy

Author Reading-Chat
:  Dorothy Allison                 Andi Marquette
                 Mary Griggs                      K'Anne Meinel
                 Elizabeth Hodge               Anastasia Vitsky
Moderator: Pat Cronin
Location: Quarterdeck
Sponsored by KE Jaeck


11:30 - 12:30pm:  

Auctioneer:  Carleen Spry
Fun for all - come join us and bid on our authors!



12:30 - 1:30pm:  

Win a chance to eat lunch with your favorite author!
Boxed Lunches located in hallway between Vendor Room and Quarterdeck.
If buying your own, check with Registration Desk for directions to food Court.


1:30 - 2:20pm:     

Special Speaker:   ALI VALI
Introduction by Carsen Taite


2:30 - 6:30pm:

The Vendor Room, Panels, Readings and Author Autographs
are open to the General Public.


2:30 - 3:20pm

Session: Engaging The Reader Through Great Dialogue  (Not Open to the Public)
Presenter: Erica Abbott and Pol Robinson
Location: Chart

Panel:  Liar, Liar...  (Can you guess who is telling the lie?)  (Open to the Public)
Moderator: Carsen Taite
Panelists:Dorothy Allison, Georgia Beers, Melissa Brayden, Andi Marquette, Elizabeth Sims
Location: Compass

Panel: Reading, Writing and Understanding the Paranormal (Open to the Public)
Moderator: Linda Kay Silva
Panelists: Liz McMullen, Shelia Powell, Sheryl Wright
Location: Steering
Sponsored by KE Jaeck

Author Reading-Chat:  (Open to the Public)
Authors:    C.D. Cain                           Sandra Moran
                   Isabella                              Angela Peach
                   Ann McMan                       Dillon Watson
Moderator:Lynn Ames
: Quarterdeck
Sponsored by Sapphire Books

3:30 - 4:20pm
(Not open to the Public)

Session: The 25 Tips You Need To Write Faster, Please Your Readers, and Sell More Books
Presenter: Melissa Brayden
Location: Chart

Book Club Meeting: 
Book:  The Fall  by Robin Alexander
Led by:Sandy Thornton
Location: Compass
Sponsored by Lesfic_Unbound



3:30 - 4:50pm
(Open to the public)

Gallery Style Psychic Reading with Psychic Shelia Powell
Location: Steering



AUTHORS: Please proceed to Quarterdeck
- Get autographs and take your seat by 4:25pm

4:30 - 6:00pm:

(Open to the public)
Location: Quarterdeck
Vendor room will be open if you want to purchase a book for signing!


6:00 - 7:00pm
Dinner on your own

7:00 - 8:30pm:
Aging Gracelessly: 50 Shades of Fay
An Oral Memoir in Two short Acts
Join Fay Jacobs for an unforgettable evening of humor and inspiration
Sponsored by Bywater Books

8:30pm - 12:30am
Theme: Masquerade
Come in costume!!  (Not required).   Prizes!
Hosts:  Karen Badger and Bliss
Location: Quarterdeck



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