2015 Con Saturday Schedule

Schedule - Day 4

Saturday, July 25, 2015                                                    

8:00 - 3:00pm:    Vendor Area and Registration Desk Open


8:30 - 9:20am:  

Session:  Lighting The Fire and Keeping It Lit: Engaging Yourself In Order To Engage your Reader
Presenters: Eva Indigo & Catherine Friend
Location:  Chart

Panel:Short Form: The Art of Writing Winning Short Stories
Moderator: Salem West
Panelists: Georgia Beers, Karin Kallmaker, Ann McMan, Dorothy Allison, Lee Lynch
Location: Compass

Panel:  Living and Laughing Ain't a Crime: Balancing Humor and Romance with Crime
Moderator:  Jessie Chandler
Panelists: K'Anne Meinel, Carol Rosenfield, Carsen Taite, Ali Vali, Connie Ward
Location: Steering

Author Reading-Chat: 
Authors:     Ann Aptaker                  Linda Kay Silva
                    Karen Badger               Laine Villaneuve
                    Martha Miller                      
Moderator:  Aschlie Lake
Location: Quarterdeck
Sponsored by KE Jaeck

9:20 - 9:40am:


Sponsored by Desert Palm Press 
(Hallway between Vendor Area and Quarterdeck).


9:40 - 10:30am:

Session: Why Writers Appsolutely Need to be Tech Savvy:  Working Smarter Not Harder
Presenter: Linda Kay Silva
Location: Chart

Panel: A Kiss is a Kiss - or is it?
Moderator: Karen Badger
Panelists: Georgia Beers, Jove Belle, Melissa Brayden, Melissa Price, MJ Williamz
Location: Compass
Sponsored by BL Miller/Rose Quartz Publishing

Panel: Your First Book: Taking It From Your Head to the Page
Moderator: Fay Jacobs
Panelists: Barrett, Beth Burnett, C.D. Cain, Denise Judge, Kenna White
Location: Steering

Author Reading-Chat: 
Authors:   Nat Burns                Erica Lawson
                  Lorraine Howell       KG MacGregor
                  Eva Indigo               Linda Vogt
Moderator:Elaine Mulligan-Lynch
: Quarterdeck


10:40am - 12:00pm

Introduction by Sandra Moran
Sponsored by Carleen Spry



12:00 - 1:00pm:  

Win a chance to eat lunch with your favorite author!
Boxed Lunches located in hallway between Vendor Room and Quarterdeck


1:00 - 1:50pm:     

Master Class - Part 1Parting The Veil: Magic In The Everyday WorldPresenterSheri Lewis Wohl
Location:  Chart



Panel: Science Fiction: Boldly Going Where Women Kick Ass
Moderator: Andi Marquette
Panelists: Nat Burns, Elizabeth Hodge, Linda North, S.Y. Thompson
Location: Compass 

Presentation: Between The Lines:  Writing and Reading Effective Book Reviews
Presenters:  Carleen Spry, Salem West & Lynne Pierce
Location: Steering

Author Reading-Chat:  (Chart)
Authors:    Barrett                                  Chris Paynter
                   Kris Bryant                           Missouri Vaun
                   JD Glass                               
Moderator:  Jessie Chandler
Location:  Quarterdeck

2:00 - 2:50pm:    

Master Class - Part2Parting The Veil: Magic In The Everyday World
Presenter: Sheri Lewis Wohl
Location:  Chart

Panel:  So, I Had This Idea...  (An annual event!).
Moderator:  Karin Kallmaker
Panelists:   Kris Bryant, Cd Cain, Sandy Duggar, A.L. Duncan, Laina Villeneuve, Jen Silver
Location:  Compass

Panel:Breaking Bad: Writing About Lesbians Drinking, Smoking, Drugging, Swearing, Stealing and Fighting
Moderator:  Elizabeth Sims
Panelists:  Cheyne Curry, Isabella, Riley Adair Garret, JM Redmann, Ann Aptaker
Location: Steering

Author Reading-Chat:  (Chart)
Authors:  Jaime Clevenger                 Linda North
                 DeJay                                 Rebecca Swartz
                 Fay Jacobs                                                  
Moderator:  Aschlie Lake
Location:  Quarterdeck

3:00 - 3:45pm:

Mandatory Attendance

-Walk Through the Awards Ceremony
BALLROOM A&B - First Floor Main Hotel Building

3:00 - 6:00pm:   

On Your Own  (Vendor Area Closed).


6:00 - 7:00pm:

Hors D'Oeuvres and No Host Bar
Ballrooms A&B - First Floor, Main Hotel Building
7:00 - ~9:30pm:

Ballrooms A&B - First Floor, Main Hotel Building
Masters of Ceremony:  Lynn Ames and Ann McMan

~10:00pm - 1:00am:

No Host Bar
Ballrooms A&B - First Floor, Main Hotel Building
DJ:  Sonja Lofton





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