2016 Conference

General Conference Information


Where: Hilton Alexandria Mark Center (Click here for hotel information and registration link)

When:  July 6, 2016 (1:00 pm) through July 10, 2016 (Noon)

Keynote Speaker:  Fay Jacobs

Special Speaker:  Rachel Spangler

Registration: Late Registration begins June 1, 2016. (Click here to register for the conference)

Conference Schedule: Click Here.  (Please note: Check back periodically. Adjustments to the schedule may happen through the month of April.)

Sponsors: See who is sponsoring us this year and visit their websites. (Click here for current sponsors. Click here if you'd like to know more about being a sponsor.)

Vendors: Click Here to see who will be in our vendor room this year.

General Information for Attendees:


  • Flight Recommendation: When you make your flight reservation, try to fly into Reagan National Airport (DCA). Even though your ticket may be up to $150 less expensive to fly into Dulles or to BWI (Baltimore-Washington International), you actually won't be saving money because shuttle costs from Dulles and BWI to Alexandria are not cheap.   There are a few people who live in the area who are willing to come and pick people up, but you would need to arrange that privately on your own, as GCLS cannot be liable for any issues.
  • Train:  Amtrak stops in Alexandria at the King Street Station.  The hotel shuttle can make pickups in Alexandria at the King St. Metro Station, which is right beside the Amtrak station.  Amtrak also runs out of Union Station in Washington, D.C. If prices are less expensive traveling out of Union Station, it’s a good option – the Metro runs to Union Station.
  • Tourist Information:  We will be creating a webpage in the upcoming weeks with information on some of the key sites of interest and tours in both Alexandria and DC, along with transportation information and links to their webpages.  Please know that we are not tourist experts.  If you want to start your own research, we recommend starting with the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) sites for both the Alexandria and DC locations.  Be sure to explore historical Alexandria as part of your plans - it is a great little city steeped in history.
  • Transportation information:
    • Hotel shuttle - no cost
      • Stops at Pentagon City (Shopping Mall in Arlington) and Reagan National Airport every half hour during regular business hours. You do not need a reservation.
      • Shuttle can also make drop offs and pickups to King St. station at the north end of King Street (the main street) in historical Alexandria. You will need to schedule these in the front lobby of the hotel at the Concierge desk.
    • UBER: One of the most popular, dependable, and affordable ways to get around the DC and Alexandria area is Uber. 
      • If you are not familiar with Uber, this is the latest taxi replacement service.  Every driver owns their own car.  Drivers' cars must meet Uber standards and must be maintained properly.
      • To use Uber, go onto Uber's website and set up an account and send a picture.  Then when you need a ride, you go to the Uber app, and tell them where you are and where you want to go.  Drivers bid on your route.  You can see their picture and ratings, and they can see your picture and rating. They tell you how soon they will be there, and you can see how far away they are.  Then you select who you want to pick you up.  You know what your driver looks like, and you know what other passengers have to say about them.
      • Uber has really caught on in the DC area.  Much more affordable (and better service) than taxis.
    • DC Metro:
      • The least expensive way to get to DC from the hotel is to take the hotel shuttle to Pentagon City.  You’ll be dropped off right outside the Metro Station.  Take the Blue or Yellow lines into DC. 
      • The Blue Line and Yellow Line also stop at King St. station in Alexandria, in case you are there and want to head to DC.
      • To plan a trip on DC Metro, use their Trip Planner:  http://www.wmata.com/rider_tools/tripplanner/tripplanner_form_solo.cfm
      • To view a map of the DC Metro Lines and stops:  http://www.wmata.com/pdfs/pocket_guides/english.pdf  which includes a list of points of interest, and which lines take you there.
  • Food:
    • BREAKFAST:  This year, the hotel chef will be providing all our attendees with a breakfast cash concession option in the conference area foyer, with affordable breakfast options ranging from bagels and danishes to egg, bacon and cheese croissants.  Pricing from $3 to $5.  So you don't need to pay restaurant pricing, and you don't need to get up extra early to head out to get food.
    • LUNCH:  The Hotel Chef will also be offering a cash-only concession stand in the conference area foyer, providing a food-to-go service for our conference attendees with no-food tickets. The lunch menu will offer a couple choices of sandwiches, salads, cookies/squares, and drinks (non-alcohol), including tea and coffee.   (Please NOTE: If you have a regular with-food ticket, it includes a Buffet Lunch Thursday through Saturday plus Sunday Buffet Breakfast.)
    • FAST FOOD:  There are not a lot of fast food restaurants in the area.

    Dairy Queen Brazier (.5 miles)

    1470 North Beauregard Street

    Alexandria, VA 22311

    (703) 931-9400



    McDonald's (.5 miles)

    1468 N Beauregard St

    Alexandria, VA 22311

    (703) 379-3806



    Subway (.5 miles)

    1470 N Beauregard St

    Alexandria, VA 22311

    (703) 820-1211



    Starbucks (.5 miles)

    1462 N Beauregard St

    Alexandria, VA 22311

    (703) 820-4066



  • LAUNDRY: Unfortunately, the hotel does not have self-laundry service. They do provide dry-cleaning, but that could get costly. There are some laundromats and dry-cleaning services in the area.

Cleaners at Mark Center (.5 miles)

1458 N Beauregard St

Alexandria, VA 22311

(703) 931-3080



Bailey's Crossroad Cleaners (1.5 miles)

3556 S Jefferson St # C

Falls Church, VA 22041

(703) 671-5438



Duke's Laundromat (2.1 miles)

80 N Gordon St

Alexandria, VA 22304

(703) 212-7011


  • Scooter Rentals:  

Scooter Plus Rentals – 866-474-4356 (reserve by phone or online)



The Medical House – 703-533-2290 (reserve by phone or online)



  • Photography/Videography:  Photographs and videos may be taken of attendees and guests at the conference and/or conference-sponsored events, on-site and off-site. These photographs and videos may be taken by GCLS staff and/or other GCLS attendees and guests. By attending the GCLS conference and/or GCLS conference-sponsored events, each individual voluntarily acknowledges and agrees that such photographs and videos may be freely disseminated without restriction, including but not limited to social media and print advertising, on all GCLS materials of any kind without written release or approval.   Each individual further acknowledges and agrees that other GCLS attendees, guests and/or individuals may take photographs or videos of conference events, both on and off-site. GCLS expressly disclaims liability for claims of any kind arising from photographs, videos or any dissemination of GCLS attendees and guests, both on-site and off-site, via social media, electronic or other means, even if such dissemination is without the subject’s knowledge and/or permission.  
  • Have questions?  If you have a question or would like more information from our Ground Crew about what to do or where to go or how to get there - please contact Rosa Moran at stswnut@aol.com   Please know that these good folks have day jobs, and are not tourist experts - so we recommend you do your own research on things to start, and then if you aren't finding what you want to know, check in with Rosa and she will see what they can find out for you.


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