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We have discount agreements with both Delta and American Airlines this year.

Delta Airlines is offering a Group Meeting Discount for both domestic and international travel ranging from 2% to 25%, depending on your location and class of ticket.  The greatest savings are for international travelers - especially from Japan and Australia.  But there are savings up to 10% for domestic travel as well.

To see if your flights qualify for a discount with Delta, go to www.delta.com/meetings. There will be a box there asking for your discount code, use NMN53.  That will tell you the discount if your flights are applicable.   If you have any questions, please contact Nelda at nireland@sbcglobal.net

American Airlines is offering only a zone-fare discount (traveling from one zone to another).  This is a rather complex system that usually requires a travel agent to translate.  You can contact Nelda Ireland for more information about the zone fares offered by AA:  nireland@sbcglobal.net

TO GET HELP and/or MORE DETAILS on our contracts this year, or if you need someone to book a ticket for you, please contact Nelda Ireland at  nireland@sbcglobal.net   Please keep in mind, Nelda volunteers her time to the GCLS, she negotiates these contracts for us at no charge, and she does not pass on her fees for any ticketing to our attendees.  She is required to charge a small booking fee that she is charged by the airlines, and she does pass that charge on to you. But it is less than if you go to another agent who will charge you for their services.



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