2016 Fall Fundraiser

GCLS 2016 Fall Fundraiser:  Nov. 1 - Dec. 31, 2016

Fall has arrived and that means it is time for the GCLS Annual Fall Fundraiser!

This fundraiser supplements our low-cost membership dues to cover our annual operating expenses including Technology, Events and Marketing.  We keep our membership dues low to remain affordable for as many people as possible – an important aspect of our GCLS culture and history.

Last year, our fundraiser raised $15,000 thanks to the challenge made by five women to our members to match their $8,000.

This year, we are again being challenged to match $8,000.  If 500 of our members were to donate just $16 each we would meet their challenge!  We do know that not all of you are able to help, but perhaps those of us who can, could donate a little extra to help cover those who can’t.

Just $16 - For the price of 4 Starbucks drinks or 1 large pizza or 1 book we can meet this challenge! 

As our numbers continue to grow, our costs for supporting and managing the GCLS naturally also increase, along with the general cost-of-living increases for events and general administration.  Donating to support the organization means that we can:

  • Reach out to more women and grow our numbers
  • Continue with the best membership management technologies & tools for non-profits such as ours
  • Keep conference costs as affordable as possible
  • Maximize our visibility at key lesbian and literary events
  • Improve the quality and the affordability of our educational programs
  • Seek out external funding, once our numbers reach a level that sparks interest for companies wanting to spend marketing dollars at LGBT conferences etc.  (Need membership >1,000) 

The following is the plan for how these funds will be spent in the upcoming year (all numbers are estimates):

  • Attendance & visibility at key literary events $4,000 (in addition to $$ from Sponsorships)
  • Marketing / advertising - $4000
  • Membership Management software - annual hosting/license/support - $2000
  • Equipment (Replacements & additional: laptop, projector, camera) - $2000
  • Video production/hosting/streaming - $4000   


We truly value how supportive our members are of the GCLS.  You have made it possible for the organization to become what it is today – a growing, exciting group that makes a difference in all our lives through promoting lesbian literature, opportunities for interactions between authors and readers, and helping (especially new) authors to become better writers. It boosts the morale of the Board to know that we have members who share our vision and believe in the importance of our mission. 

As a member or friend of the GCLS, please consider donating to the organization so that we can better serve you and all our members.  If you can add a little to make up for those who aren’t in a position financially to give support this year, we would truly appreciate it.  

This year, we are also able to offer a monthly donation option that many have expressed an interest in, in the past. (Only available with Credit Card payments.)

If you are interested in including the GCLS as a beneficiary in your will, we have information available to help you make that decision, and how to make it legally.  Please contact Mary Phillips (director@goldencrown.org) for more information.

Once again, our sincere thanks for your support of the GCLS.  


Respectfully yours,


The GCLS Board of Directors:

Mary Phillips, Executive Director

Carleen Spry, Director of Outreach, Vice President

Sandy Thornton, Director of Finance, Treasurer

Mercedes Lewis, Director of Events, Secretary

Ann Roberts, Director of Organization, Chair

Beth Burnett, Director of Education

Aschlie Lake, Director of Volunteers

Alison Solomon, Director of Membership

Taylor James, Director of Membership

Nikki (Smalls) Little, Director of Membership

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