2017 Silent Auction Donations

Please see below for a list of the items that have, thus far, been donated to our Silent Auction.

Start saving up your pennies so you can bid on these fantastic deals.



Kathie Solie Two framed and matted photos. (8X10 photo in 11X14 frame)  $50 each
Liz McMullen

Signed Books:

  • Finding Home and Finding Fire
  • If I Die Before I Wake and Unspoken
Anne Geary Hardback, autographed copy of The Gay Revolution, The Story of the Struggle by Lillian Faderman $35
Anne Hagan All 9 (and possibly 10 by the conference) of the trade paperback books in my mystery/romance series 'The Morelville Mysteries', autographed.  $99-$110
Sheri Lewis Wohl The Psychic Basket: Autographed copies of the three Reluctant Psychic books (Twisted Echoes, Twisted Whispers & Twisted Screams), crystal ball, scarf, wine and crystal glasses.  $100
Cheryl Pletcher A complete set of Sandra Moran's books (Letters Never Sent, Nudge, All We Lack, State of Grace, plus The Addendum (companion piece for Nudge) $60
Carol Rosenfield
  • Sinister Wisdom's "Dump Trump" Collection--3 volumes--#43/44-15th Anniversary Retrospective, #48--Lesbian Resistance, and #72--Utopia.  
  • A pair of size 8 neon pink running shoes. (I bought them to wear in  honor of Sandra Moran, but they didn't fit me correctly. But maybe they will feel right on someone else.)  
  • I would like to put together a collection of poetry books by black lesbians. 
  • $10
  • $25
  • $60
Suzie Carr
  • 1 signed copy of Beneath Everything
  • 1 signed copy of The Dance
  • 1 signed copy of Sandcastles
  • $15
  • $15
  • $15
  • signed copy of "Heart Trouble" by Jae (medical romance) and a doctor bear  
  • signed copy of "Damage Control" by Jae (contemporary romance) and a lynx stuffed animal, which makes an appearance in the story
  • signed copy of "Second Nature" by Jae (paranormal)
  • $15-$25
  • $15-$25
  • $15-$25
Lila Bruce
  • Kindle Fire
  • Autographed copies of Love Bites, Little Lies, Falling Slowly, and Hurt
  • Leather bound journal with pen
  • Tote bag 
Victoria Avilan
  • 1 signed copy of THE ART OF PEELING AN ORANGE
  • 1 signed copy of A SMALL COUNTRY ABOUT TO VANISH
$20 each
Lee Fitzsimmons/Desert Palm Press We will be donating books from the Desert Palm Press authors. approximately $300
Jessie Chandler Two posters of hand-drawn bookstores in MN $30
Beth Burnett and Joy Van Stralen Don't Blink: Doctor Who Gift Basket. Doctor Who lunch box, Doctor Who Yahtzee, the sonic screwdrivers of The Doctor and River Song, Doctor Who Mug, British candies. $80
Tiffany Shamaly A box of Xena collectibles. Key chains, pictures, various items  Couple hundred
Kara A. McLeod

The Evidence Collection:

  • 1 signed copy of Actual Stop
  • 1 signed copy of Worthy of Trust and Confidence
  • 1 signed copy of Known Threat (to be sent to winner upon release in 2018)
  • 1 mystery package containing an assortment of agency-related trinkets
Siri Caldwell

1 autographed copy of my book Deal-Breaker

2 specialty keychains

Catherine Lane

1 signed copy of Heartwood and Nikka's To Do List  

1 signed copy of Tread Lightly 

Charlene Brown

A selection of Clover Valley Press mysteries, including

  • "Killer Storm," "Big Noise," and "Dead Ahead" — by Jen Wright
  • "Killed in Escrow" and "Under Contract" — by Jennifer L. Jordan
  • "Silent Words" — by Joan M. Drury
  • "Maggie's Mechanics" — by Sheila J. Connolly. 
Leigh Howell Numerous comic strips of Peanuts with Snoopy making comments about the difficulties of being a writer Varies
Danna Micoletti

Two author / Book logos as shown here. Approximate length between 25 and 35 seconds (value $500.00 or $250.00 each)

  • https://vimeo.com/216448166
  • https://vimeo.com/215105109

Two author book trailers as shown here. Approximate length 90 seconds. 

  • https://vimeo.com/212413329

All logos and trailers come fully licensed for soundtrack, videos, photos,. Licenses are provided to the winner. Trailers (not logos) are HD video scalable for use from social media to TV commercials .

value total $2,400.00
Chris Paynter All 8 of my books, autographed. wine two $25 gift cards (Starbucks and Amazon) $200
Medora MacDougall Framed 27x39.5 poster of Georgia O'Keefe exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.   Best for area participant, but can be disassembled for transport by discarding glass. $200
Genvieve Fortin I really wish i could bring poutine! hahaha But, I will bring a basket of maple products (syrup, candy, spreads, etc) made here in Quebec with autographed copies of First Fall and Water's Edge, my two novels set in Quebec. :) $80
Pol Robinson Suicide Girl collector vinyl POP character, new in box. $50
Lori L. Lake *****Editing/Revision Advice from Author and Editor Lori L. Lake*****

The winner of this auction item will win one coupon good for editing/revision advice for a Finished Fiction Novel Manuscript in any genre. "Finished" means it's not a first draft; you've put a lot of time and effort into the work, and you think you're close to submitting it, but you've toiled over it so long that you can no longer see the forest for the trees. 

The Winner will email Lori the first thirty (30) pages of the manuscript (double-spaced, inch margins all around, 12-pt font, in .doc, .docx, or .RTF format) and a summary of the rest of the book not to exceed three (3) pages. 

Lori will comment on style, tone, and the opening of the novel and give any needed advice about "quirks" that exist in the text (i.e. repetitive words, passive construction, inconsistencies, lack of setting, voice, character development, plotting, structure, etc.). She will make suggestions about relevant revisions to help make the beginning of the novel "pop" with life, energy, and readability. If she determines that you would benefit, she may also provide resource articles to help with the revisions process.

From the time of submission of the first 30 pages of the finished manuscript and summary, Lori will work the project into her schedule. Please note that it may take 4-6 weeks before the project is completed and returned to you. 
Cheyne Curry
  1. Militarymmo canister containing 1 book, "The End," and miscellaneous military items/trinkets (as in: camouflage make-up, 1 Dept of the Army Field Manual 21-76 - Survival, 2 bandanas- khaki digital & green digital, 1 all weather pocket notebook, 1 bullet lighter, 1 grenade lighter, 1 paracord bracelet, 1 US Army keychain, 1 actual dummy grenade, 1 .45 automatic lighter, 1 p-38 military can opener, 1 pouch of emergency drinking water).  
  2. 4 Cheyne Curry paperback books (1 Renegade, 1 Clandestine, 1 The Tropic of Hunter, 1 The End).  
  3. 1 piece artwork, Cover of The End on canvas.  
  4. 1 black and white photograph of the Vietnam Women's memorial statue on canvas, photograph by Brenda Barton.
  1. $70
  2. $68
  3. $10
  4. $10
Martie Talley either a sweater or an afghan my mother made,  depending on what she decides on and I can carry on the flight to Chicago.    to me priceless, since Mom made it
D Jordan Redhawk

Printed bound copy of the first draft of The Strange Path: Book 1 of the Sanguire, complete with hand written author's edits.  

This version follows Whiskey Davis as she discovers her true nature, just as in the published version, with some notable exceptions. The reader sees the first interaction between Whiskey and Father Castillo; Margaurethe O'Toole and Valmont are both introduced early on in the narrative; and the European Sanguire Council is involved as well.

Alissa McGowan The First Date with Red Pen for Rent: manuscript critique, sample edits, marketing consult, and a chance to get to know each other—it’s the literary equivalent of dinner and a movie! 

--Cold read of your full, completed manuscript to discover whether fresh readers get out of the work what you, the author, intended
--A sample edit of approximately 1,500 words
--Brief (1–2 pages) editorial evaluation and explanation of the service recommendation illustrated in the sample edit
--30-minute consultation with Senior Editor Alissa McGowan and Marketing Director Joy Bennett about your overall vision for your book and how we can help you make it a reality

KC Richardson 6 Homemade book marks $5 each
Caren Werlinger Signed set of The Dragonmage Saga trilogy in paperback. (the second book of the trilogy, The Portal, is a finalist in Young Adult in this year's awards) $45
Ann di Mooij Writers Tears Red Head 
single malt Irish whiskey
limited edition
Lynda Sandoval A full edit of the first 40 pages (my definition of pages: properly formatted with 12-pt font, double spaced, 1 inch margins. Max of 10,000 words, just to be clear!) of a manuscript and synopsis of up to 4 pages.  $360
Kay Lafranconi

From Yount Street Glass - http://yountstreetglass.com

Jewelry made from sterling silver and recycled wine bottles and cork.  

  • Green (Sparkling Wine) Set:  1 Orlando necklace, 1 pair earrings, 1 cork Loop bracelet  
  • Blue (Pinot Grigio) Set: 1 Tag necklace, 1 pair earrings, 1 Silver O bracelet.

Green: $95

Blue: $118

Sacchi Green Signed Copy of Witches, Princesses and Women at Arms: Lesbian Erotic Fairy Tales,edited by Sacchi Green, published by Cleis Press, May 2017 $17
Liz Gibson A few "rainbow" items - a rainbow umbrella, rainbow sunglasses,  rainbow duct tape, and a rainbow glass wind chime. $50
Jane Chen a hand-turned wooden bowl for the silent auction. TBD
Lynda Sandoval Autographed copies of my Amigas y Amor series (4 books) $60
Watty Boss
  1. Japanese whisky: Yamazaki NAS 180ml  
  2. Japanese whisky: Hakusu NAS 180ml  
  3. Pokemon Moncolle figures from Japan 
  1. $20
  2. $20
  3. $50
Mary Buchanan Celtic knot Kindle Sleeve. $10
Lynn Ames A complete set of Kate & Jay series audiobooks, narrated by professional voice actor and Auddie winner, Emily Beresford. Enjoy audiobooks on CD of The Price of Fame, The Cost of Commitment, The Value of Valor, and Lammy, Goldie, and Ann Bannon finalist, Final Cut.

Lynn Ames will sign and personalize the CDs for the winner. 
Lynn Ames 1 Large Digging for Home t-shirt. Front upper right picture of everyone's favorite canine author, Parker T. Ames. Back is the full front cover of the hilarious, fully illustrated book, Digging for Home. $20
Cheryl Pletcher Audio version of Sandra Moran's Letters Never Sent $30
Lucy Piper From the new Wonder Woman movie

POP vinyl figure Wonder Woman #172 
POP vinyl figure Wonder Woman #175 (shield)
POP vinyl figure Hippolyta #174 
$10 each
MJ Lowe Greetings from Colorful Colorado
Assorted Colorado crafted (or associated) items 
Partial list below:

Colorado Honey by 3 Hundred Days of Shine (Monument, CO)
100 proof shine infused with honey straight from Colorado honeybees. 
Single serving 50 ml

Breckenridge Vodka (Breckenridge, CO)
Clean and brilliantly clear with notes of lemon cream and fragrant meadow flowers. Light body with a soft, warm texture and balanced mellow finish displaying just a hint of sweetness. Minerality of the Breckenridge water used for blending and proofing lends to the perfect mouth feel. 
Single serving 50 ml

Breckenridge Whiskey (Breckenridge, CO)
Deep honey-amber hue with warm, pronounced aromas of under-ripe banana and brown sugar, with spicy notes of white pepper and toasted sesame. Light body with warm texture and long sweet oak, vanilla finish with a touch of bitterness to balance. Reminiscent of a slice of toasted rye bread with honey drizzled on it 
Single serving 50 ml

Whiskey Glass from Stranahan's Rocky Mountain Single Malt Whiskey

Enstrom's Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee (Arvada, CO) 7 oz

Chocolove (Boulder, CO)
Toffee & Almonds in Milk Chocoate 33% Cocoa 3.2 oz bar
Rich Dark Chocolate 65% Cocoa 3.2 oz bar

Cocomels (Boulder, CO)
The Original CoconutMilk Caramels 3.5 oz

Spinster Sisters Co (Golden, CO)
Peppermint Tea Tree soap .9 oz
Gardener's Citrus Scrub soap .9 oz

Live Beautifully Lip Balms
All Natural, Handmade in Colorado, Cruelty Free, Gmo Free, Gluten Free, Paraben & Phthalate free 

Assorted stickers, button, post cards 
Over $50
Judy Comella (1) Fossil Watch , Gold with Oyster Shell Face, and Golf Mesh Band $225
Rosa Moran Echo Dot - black $50

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