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We are SO EXCITED for the 2018 Conference in Las Vegas!!  Are you?! We sure do hope so. Honestly, we're counting on all of you to help us make this a great conference! 

Come prepared to give and receive hugs, to learn a lot, to have fun, to sing, to dance.

Speaking of singing and dancing....

We will once again be continuing our Karaoke night tradition. This year's theme? "It's Vegas, Baby!" Come have fun and be silly with us. Participants always have a great time. Sing solo. Sing a duet. Sing with a group of friends. It's all good and it's all fun. 

After the Awards ceremony, stick around to join in the celebration at the dance. This is the "last hurrah" before people start packing up to head home on Sunday. Congratulate the finalists and winners. Take a look at their awards, up close. Get pictures with your friends - old and new. And bring your comfy, dancing shoes!

The DJ is looking forward to being with us this year. She's always willing to take requests.And she will do so while at the conference. However, we thought it would be helpful for her to have a list of requests ahead of the conference so she can begin her preparation and put together some playlists. 

This is not required. This is not the only chance to make requests. This is just a chance to get a jump on things and be prepared.

You can choose up to 3 songs for Karaoke and/or up to 5 songs for the Dance. If you have more to request, you'll have that chance directly with the DJ during the conference. Don't worry.

You can place special requests for up to 3 songs for Karaoke. Please use this form to request "out of the ordinary" or potentially hard-to-find songs. Do not request common karaoke songs. (We all know that the DJ will have "I Will Survive," "YMCA", "We Are Family," "Come to My Window," etc.)

Provide Song Title and Artist. 

You can place requests for up to 5 songs for the Post-Awards Dance. The opportunity to place requests at the dance will still be available, so this is not a full substitute. This is just an opportunity to get some requests in sooner for the DJ so that she can pull together her music and create some playlists.

Provide Song Title and Artist. If there is a particular version of a song (i.e., acoustic, live, etc.), please indicate that as well. 

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