2020 Tee Corinne Nominees

You may view the cover images of the Tee Corinne nominees below.

If you have already voted and wish to change  your vote based on the images below you may do so and we will accept your second vote. 


  • Click on the "play" button in the middle of the image.
    • The slides will change automatically every 3 seconds.
    • This will likely make the images full screen.
    • Place your cursor over the gallery to see controls (pause and play are in the lower left).

  • Click on the "arrow" buttons to the right and left of the image to move through the images manually.
    • You will need to hover over the carousel to see the arrows.
    • Hover to the far right to see the right arrow and advance through the image.
    • Hover to the far left to see the left arrow and go back to a previous image. 

2020 Goldie Winners

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