2020 Virtual Conference
2020 virtual Conference

Welcome to the very first GCLS Virtual Conference that we’re calling, “Virtually Everywhere.” I’m Mary Phillips, the Executive Director of the Golden Crown Literary Society. 2020 has proven to be historic in so many ways, and while I – and the rest of the Board of Directors – so wish we could meet with many of you face to face, we’ve decided to make the most of this opportunity, choosing optimism as we move forward.

One benefit of a virtual conference is that so many more of our members can participate, as well as potential members! Please tell your reader and writer friends to join us. This year everything is free of charge, as we live our mission: increasing the visibility of lesbian-themed literature.

The programming includes the following:

  • Master classes with Radclyffe and Isabella
  • Eleven different panels featuring a diverse lineup of readers and authors from all over the world
  • The Goldies, which will be held on their original date, Saturday, July 11, 2020

Now, I imagine there will be some hiccups along the way as there always are when we try new things. We appreciate your patience, and please reach out to me or any board member with concerns or frustrations. This is a learning opportunity, and your feedback is essential. We are hoping in 2021 that we can continue to stream certain parts of the conference to those members who cannot join us in Orlando, and we’re viewing this year as a pilot. Broadening our reach through technology is an important facet of our Strategic Action Plan, and we’ll make the most of this opportunity to achieve those goals.

So welcome! Please join us over the next several weekends for fun, learning, and camaraderie as we meet you, Virtually Everywhere.



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