Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan

The GCLS Board of Directors has developed a 3-year strategic plan to ensure the organization continues to be viable and grow. Since its inception, the GCLS has continued to evolve and in 2018 celebrated its fourteenth year in operation. Our mission to foster the education, promotion, and recognition of lesbian-themed literature has remained constant.

In 2014 we established our strategic plan that identified four key initiatives and strategic directions to accomplish the plan.

  1. Maintain long term financial stability
  2. Expand and promote our educational programs
  3. Increase diversity in all aspects of the organization and lesbian literature
  4. Establish processes and procedures that would promote longevity for the organization

The board has worked diligently on this plan and has had many documented successes to date including:

  • Ongoing financial stability as programs expand and the organization continues to grow
  • Increased participation and visibility of our primary educational program, The Writing Academy
  • Creation of the Policies and Procedures Manual, updating technology, and increased member benefits

The board of directors will be meeting in the fall of 2019 to update the current plan to continue through 2021.

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