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GCLS Literary Awards

Welcome to the site pages for the GCLS Literary Awards. These awards, also known as The Goldies, are presented each year at the Annual GCLS Conference to recognize excellence in Lesbian Literature.

At present, the GCLS recognizes this excellence in 19 'genre' categories and 5 special categories. Every year, the Board of Directors receives new category proposals for their consideration. The world of Lesbian Fiction is growing - and the GCLS is growing right along with it.

Join us in Orlando, FL as we celebrate our 17th Annual Conference. The capstone to this exciting event is the Awards Ceremony on July 24, 2021.

We highly recommend that you read all of the guidelines, rules, processes, etc. However, if you just need a quick refresher, we have created "TL;DR - Guideline Highlights" to help with finding information quickly.

HOWEVER, these highlights to NOT replace the detailed information provided on the pages below. If you still have questions after reading all of the guidelines, rules, processes, etc., please consult our FAQ page ore reach out to the Awards team at or by using our CONTACT form. 

Guidelines, Rules, & Regulations


What does it take for a book to be eligible for a Goldie Award? What are the specific rules that determine eligibility?


I wrote this nifty book. I want to submit it for an award. What categories are available to me for nominating my book?


It takes a group of people to make sure the awards process runs smoothly each year. Each person has specific responsibilities.

Nomination Process

You have a book that you want to nominate. Great! Now what? There are some very easy - but very important - things you need to do.


In order to give the judges plenty of time to read nominated books, we must have some set deadlines for nominations.


Approximately 60 volunteers - readers, authors, editors, etc. - spent a year developing a robust evaluation tool for the judges to utilize.

Awards FAQs

You may have questions. Hopefully, we have the answers your looking for. If you cannot find an answer, CONTACT the Awards Administrators.

Call for Nominations

The "Read More" button below will be active when the Goldies are open for nominations. This usually happens in August.

A Message from the Awards Administrators

As Awards Administrators, we are committed to upholding the integrity of the Golden Crown Literary Society and the awards process. We are not authors. We are not publishers. We are not affiliated with authors or publishers. We are readers who enjoy lesbian-themed literature and feel strongly about recognizing excellence.

We work independently of the GCLS Board of Directors. From the Call for Judges to the Call for Nominations to the ballots for Popular Choice Awards to the posting of finalists to the presentation of the winners - it's all in our hands. And we take that responsibility very seriously. If you ever have questions about the Awards Process, please don't hesitate to CONTACT US.

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