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TL;DR - Guideline Highlights

2021 Golden Crown Literary Awards


We recognize that the Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures for the Goldie Awards are rather extensive. They need to be to ensure transparency. Recognizing the complexity and extensiveness of the information on this website as it pertains to the Goldies, we're offering up a TL;DR - or highlights - page. 

This does not, however, serve as a replacement for reading the Guidelines, in full. Please do take the time to to read over the information. We hope this will serve as a "quick stop" when you need a refresher. 

If you have question or need clarification, begin by reading the full Guidelines on our website. If you still have question, please see if it has been answered in our FAQs section. If you still have questions, please reach out to the Awards Team either by using our CONTACT form or by sending an email to

What are the key eligibility requirements?

  • The GCLS recognizes literature about women who love women. 
  • Books must be published and readily available for purchase between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. Please note: For sale online is considered readily available, even if it's only for sale on the publisher's website. 
  • First-releases only. 
  • Must be submitted on time, according to our tiered deadlines
  • Word Count
    • Anthologies/collections – a minimum of three individual pieces totaling at least 40,000 words
    • Poetry – submissions must be at least 48 pages long, and at least 50% "new" poems
    • Novels – a minimum of 40,000 words
    • Non-Fiction – a minimum of 40,000 words

When I'm ready to submit a nomination, what do I need?

  • Review the 19 categories thoroughly before submitting your nomination
    • Pick the category that best fits your book - NOT the category that you think you have "the best chance"
      • Please note: If judges indicate that a book is not appropriate for the category in which it was nominated, the Awards Administrators can move it to a more appropriate category
      • We will inform the author/nominator of this change
      • If a category change is necessary, it is to ensure the book is being judged as fairly as possible
    • Unless it is a Debut Novel, each book can only be submitted in one judged category (Ann Bannon and Tee Corinne are not judged categories)
  • Pertinent information about the book, author, and publisher
    • Title
      • As it appears on the cover of the book
      • As it appears on the title page of the book
      • Please use proper capitalization and punctuation
    • Author's name and email address
      • Author's name exactly as it appears on the book
      • Please use proper capitalization and punctuation
      • Valid, most often used email address
    • Publisher's name and email address
      • Publisher's name exactly as it appears on the book
      • Please don't use abbreviations
      • Please use proper capitalization and punctuation
      • If the book is self-published, type in "Self-Published"
      • Valid email address
    • Books for Judges
      • Ebooks: must provide .pdf, .epub, and .mobi/.prc files for each book nominated 
      • Physical books: Mail 5 copies of the nominated book to the awards administrator (mailing address provided at the time of nomination)
    • Cover images
      • Tee Corinne: must provide the front cover image file AND the full cover (front, back, spine) image file
      • All other categories: must provide the front cover image file
      • Please provide high-resolution images
    • Payment due at time of nomination
      • Ebooks: $30 USD per nomination
      • Physical Books: $35 per nomination
      • Ann Bannon and Tee Corinne: $15 per nomination

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