Determining Award Winners
Determing Winners


  • Multiple books by authors and/or co-authors may be submitted for judging in a single category.

  • The number of finalists and winners in each category will be determined using the following formula:
    • At least six entries are required in a judged category for a Goldie to be awarded

    • 25% of total eligible nominations within a category will be finalists

    • 10% of total eligible nominations within a category will be winners

    • Only one book by the same author(s) may proceed as a finalist in that category

    • If two or more books authored by the same author(s) are ranked as finalists in the same category, immediately following the tally of judges’ scores, the highest-ranking book by this author shall be retained and the other books in that category by this same author will be eliminated from the competition

Tie-Break Protocol:

  • FINALISTS: In the event that there is a tie for the last ranked finalist position, there shall be more finalists than the calculated 25% for that category.

  • WINNERS: In the event that in a category where there is a tie for the last ranked winner position, a reserve judge will read and evaluate the two books in question. The reserve judge’s scores will be added to the totals of the original judges’ scores for each book and the scores will be re-calculated to determine the winner.


**The final results as evaluated by the judges of any book and/or any category are reviewed by Awards Administrators and validated by a third-party. Results/evaluations shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into in relation to scores.



  • Golden Crown Literary Society Members, and not Judges, vote to determine the finalists and ultimately the winner of the Ann Bannon Popular Choice Category and Tee Corinne Award for Outstanding Cover Design.

  • Voting eligibility requires active membership in the Golden Crown Literary Society on the day Round One voting opens.

  • A $15.00 fee per book is required to nominate in these categories; however, submission of books is not required for these categories.

  • Tee Corinne nominees must submit 2 image files - front cover only and full cover (front, spine, back). Ann Bannon nominees need only submit the front cover.

  • All nominations will be compiled and the Membership will execute a Round 1 vote online to narrow the field to a short list of eight (8) Finalists.

  • The membership will then vote a second time to determine a winner from the list of eight Finalists.

    • In the event of a two-way tie, two awards will be given to the top two books.

    • In the event of a three-way tie, a third round of member voting will be held.

  • Scores will be tallied by the Awards Administrators and then checked and verified by one or more members of an independent review committee.

  • The winner of the vote will be announced at the Awards Ceremony at the Annual Conference.

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