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Judging Information

Judging for the GCLS Literary Awards

While every judging process has elements of subjectivity, the process used by the GCLS Literary Awards has been reviewed and revised annually for the past 16 years and has progressed to a process that greatly reduces the prospect of favoritism, influence, or other undesirable effects. We continue to strive to improve this process annually.

The decision of the Golden Crown Literary Society as to eligibility of any book shall be final, and no correspondence shall be entered into in relation to eligibility, selection of winners or any other aspect of the judging or awards process.

The scoring of the judges, who will remain anonymous until after the awards are announced, and any decisions by the awards administrators shall be final, and no correspondence will be entered into or responded to concerning the actual judging or the judging process at any time.

Questions about any aspect of the judging process, rules & regulations may be directed to the Awards Administrator at

Judging Resources


What does it take to be a judge for the GCLS Awards process? We need readers! You don't have to be a reviewer or editor.

Judging Process

What, exactly, is involved in being a judge once selected? How do I get books? How do I evaluate books? Is there training?

Determining Winners

The judges have read books in the genre categories. Members have voted in the popular choice categories. Now, how are the winners determined?

Rules & Regulations

What are the hard-and-fast rules? Are there rules that can be bent or broken? Who enforces the rules? Who makes the decisions? Who's in charge?

Judged Categories

This year, judges will evaluate books in nineteen (19) different genre categories covering Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry.

Evaluation Forms

Approximately 60 volunteers - readers, authors, editors, etc. - spent a year developing a robust evaluation tool for the judges to utilize.

Judging FAQs

You have questions. Hopefully, we have the answers. If you cannot find an answer, CONTACT the Awards Administrators..


3-5 judges are assigned to each category. We prefer 5 judges per category. That means we need at least 85 judges!

A Message from the Awards Administrators

As Awards Administrators, we are committed to upholding the integrity of the Golden Crown Literary Society and the awards process. We are not authors. We are not publishers. We are not affiliated with authors or publishers. We are readers who enjoy lesbian-themed literature and feel strongly about recognizing excellence.

We work independently of the GCLS Board of Directors. From the Call for Judges to the Call for Nominations to the ballots for Popular Choice Awards to the posting of finalists to the presentation of the winners - it's all in our hands. And we take that responsibility very seriously. If you ever have questions about the Awards Process, please don't hesitate to CONTACT US.

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