Awards Judging Process
Judging Process

General Information:

  • The Awards Administrators shall administer the judging process under complete confidentiality.

  • At minimum, three (3) to five (5) individual judges will be assigned to judge each category.

  • Judging duties in categories with large numbers of books will not be split.

  • The Awards Administrators may, at their discretion, move a book into a more appropriate category. If the book cannot be placed in a suitable category, the administrative fee will be refunded and the books returned.

  • A judge will inform the Awards Administrators immediately if s/he believes an entry does not fit in the assigned category and should be moved elsewhere. If the entry remains in the category, s/he will judge the entry without prejudice, even it s/he disagrees with the decision.

  • As soon as a judge has successfully completed the training courses, s/he will be eligible to start receiving books already nominated in their category, and may begin judging, using the online judging form for her/his category.

  • When applicable, books will begin to be shipped to a judge, once the judge has completed the required courses and books have been nominated and received for her/his category. The last books will be shipped no later than January 31 of the awarding year.

  • eBooks will be available to a judge immediately following the completion of the required courses and the books have been nominated for her/his category.

  • Judging forms must be completed for all books in a category no later than 11:59 pm on April 15, Pacific Standard time, of the awarding year, at which time the forms will automatically shut down.

  • Judging forms will be compiled and reports produced via the online survey system and then inspected for accuracy by the Awards Administrators. Final results are then verified by one or more members of an independent review committee.

Scoring Rules and Regulations:

  • Judges shall follow the guidelines set forth below.

  • Judges shall receive one clean copy of each book or one eBook file in their assigned category, and instructions on how to access the online form to score their assigned category.

  • The online scoring form is comprised of definitions, judging guidelines and evaluation items specific to a given category, as well as common items asked across two or more related categories. Most evaluation items are written as statements, and judges are asked how much they agree or disagree with each statement on a 1 (totally disagree) to 10 (totally agree) point scale. The resulting numerical scores from each judge are averaged to determine finalists and winners in the category.

  • Judges also are asked to answer two open-ended questions, one at the beginning of the form and one at the end. Judges are required to provide comments that are explanatory and constructive

  • Each book must be scored using the correct judging form for the category for which it is nominated and according to the judging guidelines contained therein. Each judge MUST complete the online scoring form for each book being judged by April 15 of the awarding year. NO LATER.

  • The score for an individual judging of a book is tallied by the online form and then inspected for accuracy by the Awards Administrators. Final results are then verified by one or more members of an independent review committee.

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