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Welcome to the site pages for the GCLS Literary Awards. These awards, also known as The Goldies, are presented each year at the Annual GCLS Conference to recognize excellence in Lesbian-themed Literature. 
At present, the GCLS recognizes this excellence in 19 categories, 2 popular choice categories, and 3 special categories. Every year, the Board of Directors reviews new category proposals for their consideration. The world of Lesbian-themed Literature is growing - and the GCLS is growing right along with it.
2020 Goldie Finalists
Please follow this link to see the 2020 Finalists. Congratulations to all finalists!
Important Information
Nomination Information

Read all of the GUIDELINES. You should be able to find all of the answers to your questions in the guidelines. If you have ANY questions after reading all of the guidelines and FAQs, please send an email to or use our contact form before submitting your nominations. The Awards Administrators will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 
Judging Information

While every judging process has elements of subjectivity, the process used by the GCLS Literary Awards has been reviewed and revised annually for the past 12 years and has progressed to a process that greatly reduces the prospect of favoritism, influence, or other undesirable effects. We continue to strive to improve this process annually. We are currently seeking judges for the 2020 Goldie Awards. 
2020 Goldie Nominations

A list of the nominations for 2020 Goldie Awards. This page will be updated throughout the nomination period. 
Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about the Goldies, nomination specifics, the judging process, or technical issues. If you cannot find the answers to your questions, please send an email to or use our Contact form. 
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“I think the Goldies create a space in which the Lesbian Fiction Community as a whole can honor and recognize its own growth and achievements. Winning a Goldie up-leveled my confidence in my own writing and the impact it can have on readers' experience. .”
Jeannie Levig

What Do The Goldies Mean To You?

2020 Tee Corinne Finalists

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