Awards Nomination FAQs
Awards Nomination FAQs

Below are questions that we get asked just about every year. We've done our best to ensure that the information is contained within the various guidelines and rules, but we know that it's a lot of information to take in and process. So, look through these questions to see if any match the questions you may have. If you can't find the answer to your question, please CONTACT the Awards Administrators.

These questions pertain specifically to the nomination process – eligibility, rules, etc.

Anyone can nominate a book, including publishers, authors and readers.

We have instituted a tiered deadline based on publication date of the book. All Deadlines can be found here.

Congratulations! Please check that the title and author name are correct, otherwise check the GCLS website when finalists are posted and at the Awards Ceremony when the winners are announced.

Unfortunately no, only books first published during 2020 are eligible.

No, re-releases or reprints of a previously published book are not eligible.

The edition published by Publisher A, provided it meets all the other criteria including publication date, is eligible.

Yes, we welcome nominations of self-published books.

Yes, provided it meets all the other criteria including publication date and award category guidelines.

The book itself is the nominated entity. If it wins, then all the authors (listed on the cover page) are eligible for an award. In the anthology/collection categories, the award is given to the editor(s).

Entries must include significant themes, characters, situations, and/or other lesbian-oriented content—i.e., literary works about women who love women.

In the novel, anthologies and collections categories, the minimum wordcount is 40,000 words. Poetry books should be at least 48 pages long.

Debut Novel is no longer a judged category. You must nominate your book in one of the Fiction: Novel categories, then indicate that you would like the book to be also entered into consideration for Debut Novel. The scores across all eligible debut novels will be tallied and the finalists/winners identified.

Since the novel is the nominated entity, ALL co-writers must be first time authors in order for it to be eligible in the Debut Novel category.

Yes, the novel is eligible for Debut Novel.

There are two: Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award and Tee Corinne Award for Outstanding Cover Design. For more information, see our Popular Choice Awards page.

There are three: GCLS Trailblazer Award, Lee Lynch Classic Award, and the GCLS Directors’ Award. For more information, see our Special Awards page.

Anyone can submit a nomination for these awards.

You do not have to include a book/ebook, please include a high resolution jpg image of the cover.

Please include a high resolution jpg image of the front cover, back cover and spine.

Nominations is done via our online system.

Yes, provided they meet all the other criteria including publication date and award category guidelines.

Yes, provided they meet all the other criteria including publication date and award category guidelines.

A book may only be nominated in one genre category, however, if it is your Debut Novel it may also be nominated for the Debut Novel Award. A book may also be nominated in a genre category plus the Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award as well as the Tee Corinne Award for Outstanding Art.

Please refer to the award category descriptions and guidelines. If you have further questions please contact the Awards Administrators at

The person nominating a book is responsible for selecting an appropriate category. If you feel that it is in the wrong category, please contact the Awards Administrators at

During the nominations window, you can go back and make changes to the form. If you have further questions please contact the Awards Administrators at

If you are the author of all of the short stories, it should be submitted as a Collection. If the stories are written by a group of various authors, it should be submitted as an Anthology. See our Categories page for more details.

The cost of each nomination in a judged category is $35.00 (USD) per physical book and $30.00 (USD) per eBook. The cost to nominate in the Ann Bannon and Tee Corinne categories is $15 (USD) per entry.

You can make payment using PayPal Express, Credit Card, or by sending a Check/Money Order/Cashier's Check.

If your payment is more than $100, we request that you send payment via Check/Money Order/Cashier's Check. This saves the GCLS a significant amount on fees from PayPal and our credit card processor. If you need to arrange another method of payment, please contact the Awards Administrators at

Yes. If you are nominating multiple books or one book in more than one category, the system will calculate nomination fees for you and provide you with an invoice for the total amount.

In the situation where more than one entity nominates the same book, the administrative fee will not be returned or prorated, but will be retained by the GCLS and allocated toward defraying administrative costs.

No. You don't have to submit both. Please provide EITHER eBooks OR physical books.

Yes. We highly recommend submitting eBooks.

It saves the nominator fees ($30 vs $35) as well as the cost of shipping 5 books to the Awards Administrators. In addition, the GCLS saves on shipping costs to send books to judges, some of whom are based outside the US.

We require eBooks in three formats: .epub, .mobi/.prc, .pdf. This will cover all the eReading devices used by judges.

The eBook files must be DRM-free so the judges can upload to their eReader. This should be a clean, final product, as sold to customers--formatting and layout are judging criteria.

Unfortunately, no, the GCLS and Awards Administrators cannot be involved in any part of the production process for a book, due to a potential conflict of interest. There is software available, and individuals/companies that can convert eBooks. Please feel free to reach out to others who have published eBooks for help and advice.

Yes of course. Please adhere to all deadlines and guidelines and send the books to the Awards Administrators at the address indicated.

Please send FIVE books since there are five judges per category and each judge has to have their own copy. No books need to be sent for Debut Novel, Ann Bannon Popular Choice, or Tee Corinne Award for Outstanding Cover Design awards.

Please also upload the cover image, this will be used at the Awards Ceremony if your book is a finalist. You will need to provide a high-resolution .jpg image.

We received feedback that this will be useful. A part of our organization's mission is to "provide opportunities to promote lesbian-themed literature." Many people come to our website to view nominees and finalists in order to find their next book purchase. A direct link to your book makes it easier for them to make that purchase. Please provide any link where you want people to buy your book. This is, of course, optional.

The confirmation email goes to the nominator and author. In the past, some authors and/or publishers weren't aware that a book had been nominated, so we want to make sure everyone involved knows about it.

The GCLS website is updated manually by volunteers. This happens once a week. Please be patient.

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