Ann McMan

Ann McMan is the award-winning author of five novels,   Jericho, Dust, Aftermath, Hoosier Daddy, and Festival Nurse and the short story collections Sidecar and Three. She was inducted  into the Royal Academy of Bards Hall of Fame in  2011, and was the recipient of an Alice B. Lavender Certificate for Outstanding Debut  Novel. She has won two Goldies, as well as  multiple Rainbow Awards and Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards. Ann was one of 25 emerging authors invited to write an introductory essay for the Lambda Literary Foundation’s 25th  anniversary publication. Her novel, Hoosier Daddy, which was co-authored with wife Salem West, was a 2014 Lambda Literary Award Finalist. Her newest book, Backcast, will be published by Bywater Books in 2015.

Note: These videos have been filmed live and not in a controlled studio environment. The sound quality and at times video quality reflect the environment they were filmed in. That said, the content of the videos, and the knowledge imparted, are of the highest quality. 

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