Annual Conference

The GCLS Annual Conference

The Golden Crown Literary Society’s annual conference is the premier lesbian literary event for authors, readers and publishers. In a different city each year, this event brings together readers, fans, writers, editors and publishers to celebrate the best in lesbian literature.

Why should I attend?

READERS:  The GCLS Conference is all about bringing readers and authors together. Readers can meet their favorite authors, find new authors, learn about how to be more involved in the Lesbian Fiction Community, and more. The conference is big enough that you can meet many of the top authors in the field of lesbian literature, but small enough that you’ll be able to get your books autographed and sit in on cozy Author Spotlights where authors do readings and then answer your questions. You can also win a chance to have lunch with an author!

The Lesbian Community is a cross section of the world's population. We come in all cultures, races, colors, sizes, ages, abilities, and more. The GCLS has set a priority for our membership to become more representative of the truly diverse lesbian community.  We welcome and encourage all who read lesbian fiction, along with our friends and supporters, to join our organization and to attend our annual conference.


At the conference, we have a number of sessions and panels of specific interest to readers!  For example,How to be a Beta Reader, How to write Reviews, How to form a Book Club, and more will be offered, alongside many other exciting and fun panels.  

Last but not least - every lunch hour you will have the opportunity to win one of four seats at one of multiple tables where you will be joined by two great authors.  You will have their full attention during the lunch break to ask questions and learn more about them!


AUTHORS / WRITERS: If you’re a writer, whether published or just starting out, the Workshops and Writing Classes are a tremendous opportunity to hone your craft. Our Workshop and Writing Classes are taught by world class authors of lesbian literature, many of whom are university or college professors, or teachers in Writing Programs.  

In addition, you can pitch your manuscript to attending publishers, visit with your publisher if they are in attendance, network and befriend many other authors, talk to many of our more famous authors such as Katherine Forrest, Karin Kallmaker, Lee Lynch, Linda Kay Silva, KG MacGregor, Marianne Martin, and more; or form a community of authors of like minds to stay in touch with after the conference. 

Last, but definitely not least, you can create opportunities for visibility as an author, and access to your current and future fans - the readers!  Have lunch with them, chat with them in an Author Spotlight, sign autographs, find out what makes them tick, listen to their feedback - you will find it invaluable!


The GCLS Annual Conference is one of THE lesbian events of the year

Join us in Pittsburgh!


What activities happen during the conference?

Master Class, GCLS 2013 Conference, Dallas, TX

  • Workshops for authors
  • Author Spotlights (Readings & Q&A)
  • Lunch with an author
  • Writing Classes (for new & experienced)
  • Autograph Session!
  • Presentations
  • Panels
  • Karaoke Night
  • Awards Dance
  • Meet 'n Greet
  • An Author auction
  • Silent Auction
  • The GCLS Awards Night


What if I can only attend part of it?

You can purchase a ticket for the entire event, or a day pass for each day you want to attend.  We have options to purchase tickets with or without lunches/brunch.  We also offer standalone event tickets to the award ceremony or karaoke - e.g. if your spouse or a friend is traveling with you and they only want to join in the evening events.

Will my favorite author be there?


Writing Classes will be taught by a number of our top authors - so check back to see who will be teaching this year! You will also see authors sitting on Panels discussing all manner of things literary!  And then of course, you will want to join us at the Golden Crown Literary Awards Night on Saturday night of the Conference, and see your favorite authors and new authors as they come up on stage to receive their GCLS Literary Award (aka "The Goldies"), a stunning award made by our friends at

A sampling of authors who have attended in the past (we usually have at least 100 authors present):

  • Erica Abbott*
  • Lynn Ames*
  • Ann Bannon
  • Barrett*
    Lynn Ames at an Author Chat,  2013
  • Georgia Beers*
  • Beth Burnett*
  • Marie Castle*
  • Pat Cronin*
  • Katherine Forrest
  • Rachel Gold*
  • Jewelle Gomez
  • Mary Griggs*
  • Ellen Hart
  • Jeanine Hoffman*
  • Karin Kallmaker*
  • Lori L. Lake*
  • Lee Lynch*
  • K.G. MacGregor*
  • Marianne Martin*
  • Ann McMan*  
  • Penny Mickelbury                        
  • Paula Offutt
  • MB Panichi*
  • Bev Prescott*
  • Pol Robinson*
  • Linda Kay Silva* ("Storm")*
  • M.L. Skinner*
  • Rachel Spangler*
  • Radclyffe
  • Kenna White*

(Asterisks, *, indicate regular attendees)

Karin Kallmaker and Georgia Beers,   Hamming it up at the 2013 GCLS Conference in Dallas, TX 

Karin Kallmaker and Georgia Beers hamming it up at the Conference!  

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