Around Bally's

If you've ever been to Las Vegas, you know that the hotels on the strip, in particular, are pretty massive. There are casinos, restaurants, shops, bars, etc. all under one roof! Seriously, you could spend a week in Vegas and never have to leave your hotel.

Fortunately, our conference at Bally's isn't spread out. We're in one, concentrated area - on the same level as the casino, the reservation desk, and a bunch of restaurants. 



So, that's our conference area. Here's what the rest of the Casino Level looks like. You can see just how close we are to things!




Not bad, right? As always, if you need help getting around the conference, just go to the GCLS info desk in the Vendor Room, stop at the Registration desk, or grab a passing Board member. We're all happy to help!


SCOOTER RENTAL: If you're looking for a little help getting around the conference...or Las Vegas...Las Vegas Scooters has extremely reasonable rental rates. They will deliver the scooter to Bally's and pick it up when you're done with it. They have a variety of rates based on the length of the rental. Most are less than $100 for a week! Check them out!

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