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Conference Proposals

Want to bring the GCLS Conference to your city?

To bring the Con to your home town, start by putting a committee together to gather the information you will need to write and submit a proposal. Send that proposal to the Executive Director who will take it to the Board of Directors for their review.  A final decision will be based on a number of key factors, most of which are based in financial concerns (hotel facilities and costs for our attendees, transportation costs, accessibility, local amenities within walking distance, the LGBT community there, etc.)

There are four key areas of work that we need our Ground Committee in each Conference City to work on for and with us:

  1. Get Local Sponsors: Identify and approach local businesses to be sponsors of the event (we can work with sponsors to develop custom sponsorships if needed); If a ground crew member has connections to bigger businesses who could be sponsors, obviously that would be a great opportunity as well;
  2. Perform Local/Regional Marketing:  Perform marketing in the region to get the word out to local Lesbian/LGBT organizations (e.g. deliver brochures for distribution to their members/clients, ask them to put a link on their website/facebook to our website/facebook in exchange for us to put their logo and a link to their site on our website); 
  3. Gather Local Information: Information for the attendees - a map of the area immediately surrounding the hotel that shows any and all amenities - especially food options; sightseeing opportunities; areas to avoid; any safety precautions, driving tips, etc.; LGBT venues of interest; etc.
  4. Provide Conference Support:  Store a trunk that has our conference supplies in it, for 1 year leading up to the Con; receive and store boxes for the Con as they come in the last few months before the Con; Deliver boxes to the Conference Hotel; Ship trunk and any boxes to the ground committee in the next city).

The GCLS will cover any pre-approved costs associated with these tasks.

When developing your proposal, please be sure to address the above four key points.

Examples of local information (Item 3 above) that you could include in the proposal:

  • Name of the city
  • Airports nearby - for international and national travellers
  • Distance from airports to area of hotels where you recommend we look 
  • GLBT Chamber of Commerce contact information
  • Bureau of visitors information
  • Writing community information
  • GLBT Community/Groups
  • GLBT Friendly publications
  • GLBT friendly/local corporations/businesses
  • Local pride dates
  • Local GLBT stores
  • Any other GLBT or city/site related information

Please send any questions and/or your proposal directly to Mary Phillips at

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