2019 Conference Apparel
Conference Apparel

Read this. No, really. Read it.

It's that time of year again! We're on the downhill slide to the 15th Annual Conference in Pittsburgh. That means it's time to buy our t-shirts for the Con! Once again, we have some fantastic designs for you to choose from. Of course, you don't have to choose...you can get them all! We highly recommend that option.

Over the years, we've gotten feedback from attendees and we've always listened. When we were able to make changes to improve the offerings, we did. Unfortunately, there were times when we were unable to make those changes, even though we really wanted to. Sometimes there are obstacles even GCLS cannot overcome.

Well, NO MORE!

GCLS has partnered with Fangirl Shirts to bring you SO MANY MORE OPTIONS. Not design options. Oh, no. You can see the designs down below. Fangirl is helping us to expand the style options available to you. This year, you can go far beyond a standard unisex t-shirt or hoodie. You'll be able to choose from both Unisex and Fitted styles.

Want a V-neck t-shirt? Prefer a long sleeve t-shirt? How about a tank top? We've got you covered!

In addition to a plethora of apparel options, we've also added two more items to our list: TOTE BAGS (so great for carrying around all of those fabulous books) and MUGS (because readers often like a cup of something refreshing).

Here's the really big change...

You will not order your Conference Apparel via the GCLS website as you have done in the past. Partnering with Fangirl Shirts means that they will now manage the store on their site.

  • Use the links below.
  • Place your orders on the Fangirl Shirts site.
  • Shipping: $3 for your entire order.
  • Receive or order at home, prior to traveling to Pittsburgh.
    • Wash before you wear. (Receiving shirts prior to the conference has been a big request in recent years.)
    • Can't attend the conference but still want some merchandise? No problem. Just go ahead and place your order.
    • Leave your mug at home so it doesn't get broken on the trip home. Use your tote bag as your carry-on.

Folks Outside the United States

International shipping is super expensive. Fangirl Shirts will be placing the orders with Teespring for us, and they want to save International customers on the costs for shipping. The process won't be significantly different than the one we used in previous years. READ MORE ABOUT IT.

This is Important

We'll order our items via Fangirl Shirt's website. Twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays), Fangirl will submit the orders they receive. Orders in the US will be sent directly to you. 

In order to receive your items in time for the conference, ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY JUNE 20. (International customers need to place orders by JUNE 17 to ensure they arrive before the GCLS trailer starts it's trek toward Pittsburgh on July 6.

Whoo Hoo!

We're really excited about our partnership with Fangirl Shirts. The future is bright!

Go to the pages that Fangirl put together for us. There you'll see more product information. You'll be able to choose your shirt style and see what colors are available for each offering. You'll also be able to see what the designs look like on various colors, so be sure to select different colors and review the mock-up before purchasing.

If you have questions, CONTACT US. We'll reach out to the good ladies at Fangirl Shirts to get the answers. You can also reach out to Fangirl Shirts directly at fangirl@fangirlshirts.com. 

Also, we've created a Tutorial Video to help out if you have problems. 


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