International Shipping Details
International Shipping Details

Because of some configuration and pricing issues with Teespring, International orders - particularly in the EU - will not be able to order directly through Teespring  and have their items shipped directly to them. 

Fangirl Shirts will be placing all orders and having items shipped to customers' homes in the United States. Unfortunately, if they do this for International customers, the prices for shipping, handling, and customs will be rather exorbitant. (These orders will be processed at and shipped from US facilities.)

So, for International folks, here's how it will work:

  • Order your items via the Fangirl site (links on Conference Apparel page) no later than June 17.
  • You'll pay a $3 per order (not item) shipping/handling fee just like the US folks.
  • The items will be shipped to Carleen Spry who will bring them to the Conference in Pittsburgh where you can pick up your order. 
  • If you are not coming to the Conference, you may name a proxy who can pick up your order and bring it back to you.
  • For those folks who do not have a proxy, GCLS will contact you with a price for shipping (which will very, very likely be much less expensive than Teespring).
  • The GCLS may also identify attendees from your country (or a country nearby) who would be willing to take some orders home and ship them to you more "locally," which will be more cost effective.

All of this is to say that the GCLS will do our best to work with you so that we can get your order to you in a way that will cost you far less than Teespring will charge you.

If you have specific questions about International orders or shipping outside of the United States, CONTACT US. We'll contact the good ladies at Fangirl Shirts to get the answers.

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