2019 Conference Event App
2019 Conference Event App

If you've attended a GCLS Conference in the past, you know we had an online schedule available for attendees to use. While it was called an "app", it wasn't a true app. The icon that appeared on smart phone home screens opened to a browser, rather than an actual app. It was handy. Attendees could mark the sessions they wanted to attend and create personalized scheduled. But that was about it.

This year, we decided to upgrade our technology. We have contracted with TripBuilder Media to bring attendees a full event app. This app will make it easy for attendees to engage with the event and each other. You'll be able to communicate, network, interact, learn, give feedback, and so very much more!

From our side of things, we'll be able to get news and updates to you quickly through push notifications. "Oh, dear! We have to change rooms for this panel at 10:30. Quick, make some signs!" Well, that's what we used to say. Now it will go something like this: "Oh, dear! We have to change rooms for this panel at 10:30. Let's send out a push notification to let everyone know about the change." In the time I would have normally taken us to make the signs and go around posting them, you'll have received a notification and changed direction to go to the new location.

You'll be doing a lot of socializing and networking. It's quite likely that you'll make a number of new friends. (It's inevitable.) Want to exchange information with them? No problem. It's as simple as sending your profile information to them via the app. The information you're sending is what YOU input into your profile. You have the control. We'll get it started for you, of course. But you get to decide what is visible and what isn't.

Floorplans of the conference space will be part of the app as well. Yes, we will still have floorplans in the printed program, but what if you don't have your program with you? Not a problem. Just take out your phone and open the app.

You'll still be able to create a personalized schedule. As you're viewing the various sessions, you can mark those you'd like to attend. Once marked, you'll just need to tap the "MyEvent" icon to access your schedule. If you have favorite authors and want to be sure to catch every session they are participating in, then you just have to look them up in the app - you'll see all sessions where those authors are scheduled. Just add the sessions to your schedule. Easy.

First time in Pittsburgh? Want to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of the city? Well, the app also has a section dedicated to the city. Tap the "Pittsburgh, PA" icon on the home screen and you'll find a list for nearby restaurants/eateries and interesting places to visit.

We'll be working on the configuration of the app very soon. It's a process.

About two weeks before the conference begins, we will email attendees with the appropriate links and instructions for downloading and logging into the app. You'll have those two weeks to really prepare - update your profile, start marking sessions on the schedule, pick some restaurants or places to visit. This will be your chance to get everything set up before the conference so that you can hit the ground running one you arrive.

We're excited about this new (to us) technology. We hope you will be, too!

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