Parking at the 2019 Conference
Parking at the 2019 conference

The bad news...

The parking situation at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown isn't great. Their parking availability is very, very limited. In addition, it's expensive ($35 per night). While there's no cost difference to use valet parking, that's still pretty pricey. Unfortunately, we did not get a parking discount as part of our contract with the hotel. So, this is a drag.

The good news...

The Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown is in the heart of the city. That means there are numerous parking alternatives nearby. When you arrive, stop at the hotel and drop off your luggage and other passengers, then drive to one of the nearby parking facilities (many are 1-3 blocks) to park your car. A 5-minute walk brings you back to the hotel. It's a bit of an extra step, but it will save you a pocket-full of money that you can use buying books.

The alternatives...

While there are many parking facilities in the area surrounding the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown (as seen in the photo to the left), some are almost as expensive or don't have weekend parking. The photo identifies the myriad parking garages in the area. Don't worry about the colors - they indicate the "fill rate" of each facility at the moment of viewing. This will change hour over hour. The image is a screenshot taken from ParkPGH, which is a great site to check for parking locations and availability.

Rather than go through all of the parking facilities in the area, we've highlighted two below. These are economical and within 4-6 minutes (walking) from the hotel. They are indicated by red dots on the image to the left. The image next to each set of details below indicates the shortest walking path between the hotel and the garage (blue dots). The grey paths are alternates, but they are a tad longer. There are a couple of facilities that are closer, but they are much more expensive.

We recommend visiting ParkPGH to get more information on the various garages (rates, hours, etc.).

Ft Duquesne & Sixth

120 Sixth Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Max Vehicle Height
Ft. Duquesne Blvd. or 6th St.
Day Rates
1 Hour or Less $5.00
2 Hours or Less $7.00
4 Hours or Less $9.00
Over 4 Hours $13.00
Evening Rate
In After 4:00 p.m. $8.00
Weekend Rate
Saturday/Sunday $8.00

6th & Penn

Penn Ave & 6th St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Monday - Saturday 5:00am - 1:00am
Sunday 7:00am - 1:00am
Regular Rates
0 - 1/2 Hour $4.00
1/2 - 2 Hours $10.00
2 - 4 Hours $12.00
4 - 24 Hours $18.00
Night Rates
After 4:00pm $10.00
Weekend Rate
Saturday/Sunday $10.00

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