2017 Hotel - Crowne Plaza O'Hare

Before you book your room, here's some quick information that will help you - significantly.

1.  When you click the link that takes you to the hotel booking page, you'll see the following:




Please note that the dates will default to "Today's" date (whatever date you happen to be booking your room).


2.  You will need to manually change the check in and check out dates.  When you place your cursor in either field (Check In or Check Out) you will have the choice to manually enter the dates OR use the calendar that will pop up. We recommend manually entering the Check In date and then using the calendar for the Check Out date.




3. There is a "More Options" link below the Check In and Check Out fields. If there will be more than one person in the room, you'll need to click this link and make the adjustment.  Do NOT change the IATA# or Group Code.






4.  Click the "Book" button. You'll then see a list of rooms that are available for your dates.  Continue with your reservation.


  • If you are in need of an ADA room, please note that they are ONLY available in rooms with 1 King Bed.  
  • Once you have booked your room, contact Irina Gasnikova (847-928-3702 or igasnikova@crowneplazaohare.com) with your reservation number and your needs. She will work with you to ensure that your room needs are met.

So, are you ready to book your room?  Click here!




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