Dramatic/General Fiction Winners

Award Winners for Dramatic / General Fiction

Winners from 2018

  • Goldenrod by Ann McMan, Published by Bywater Books
  • The Price of Cash by Ashley Bartlett, Published by Bold Strokes Books

Winners from 2017

  • The Big Sugarbush by Ana B Good, Published by Hot Pants Press, LLC
  • The Urn Carrier by Chris Convissor, Published by Bedazzled Ink Publishing, LLC
  • Trial by Fury by KG MacGregor, Published by Bella Books

Winners from 2016

  • A Small Country About to Vanish by Victoria Avilan, Published by Shaggy Dog Stories
  • Heyday by Marnie Woodrow, Published by Tightrope Books, Inc.
  • Wishbone by Elaine Burnes, Published by Bedazzled Ink Publishing

Winners from 2015

  • The War Within by Yolanda Wallace, Published by Bold Strokes Books
  • Loved and Lost by Stephanie Kusiak, Published by Sapphire Books Publishing
  • Everything by Carole Wolfe, Published by Bedazzled Ink Publishin

Winners from 2014

  • In This Small Spot by Caren J. Werlinger, Published by Corgyn Publishing
  • Letters Never Sent by Sandra Moran, Published by Bedazzled Ink
  • Picking Up the Pieces by Brenda Adcock, Published by Regal Crest Enterprises

Winners from 2013

  • Being Emily by Rachel Gold, Published by Bella Books
  • The Raid by Lee Lynch, Published by Bold Strokes Books
  • The Raven't Heart by Jesse Blackadder, Published by Bywater Books

Winners from 2012

  • Marching To A Different Accordion, Saxon Bennett, published by Bella Books (Winner of Category)
  • Maye's Request, Clifford Henderson, published by Bold Strokes Books (Winner of Category)
  • Shaken And Stirred, Joan Opyr, published by Bywater Books (Winner of Category)

Winners from 2011

  • Something To Believe by Robbi McCoy, published by  Bella Books  (Winner of Category)
  • The Side Door by Jan Donley, published by  Spinsters Ink  (Winner of Category)
  • Whatever Gods May Be by  Sophia Kell Hagin, published by  Bold Strokes Books (Winner of Category)

Winners from 2010

  • Detours by Jane Vollbrecht, published by Blue Feather Books (Winner of Category)
  • Family Affair by Saxon Bennett, published by Bella Books (Winner of Category)
  • Gemini by Geonn Cannon, published by PD Publishing (Winner of Category)

Winners from 2009

  • Dresses and Other Catastrophes by Dani O’Connor, published by Spinsters Inc.
  • Last Chance at the Lost & Found by Marcia Finical, published by Bywater Books
  • The Mortal Groove by Ellen Hart, published by St Martin’s/Minotaur

Winners from 2008

  • In Broad Daylight byJane Vollbrecht, published by Regal Crest
  • Landing by Emma Donoghue, published by Harcourt
  • The Spanish Pearl by Catherine Friend,  published by Bold Strokes Books

Winners from 2007

  • Gold Mountain by Anne Azel, published by PD Publishing
  • Snow Moon Rising by Lori L. Lake, published by Regal Crest Enterprises
  • The Night Watch by Sarah Waters, published by Riverhead Books

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