Bridge Builder Scholarship
Bridge Builder Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to a woman writer of color who shows talent and drive in creating women-loving-women literature. The writer should be interested in working on a full-length novel or a collection of short stories. *

The chosen recipient will receive one full tuition to the GCLS writing academy for the appropriate year and individual one-on-one mentoring with a well-established writer in the genre of lesbian fiction.

All eligible candidates are encouraged to apply, even if they do not own a computer for this online course.

In return, the candidate will:

  • Create a brief (one page) monthly report on that month’s lessons, their own work in progress, or GCLS promotions within their community.
  • Attend classes and participate in the assignments to the best of their ability.
  • The candidate must be willing to show how they can help promote and support lesbian literature in general, and the writing academy specifically within their own communities.

The candidate will submit a ten-page sample of their best work, along with the application by May 12. Candidates will be chosen by June 15th. Classes start in September, however, there will be a summer reading list assignment.

If you do not qualify for the Bridge Builder Scholarship, consider applying for the Sandra Moran Scholarship.

CONTACT Writing Academy Manager Joy Van Stralen or Director of Education Beth Burnett with any questions.

Application deadline: May 12

*GCLS board members not eligible. Former board members eligible after a two year break. GCLS managers not eligible.

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