Mentor Application
Mentor Application

We are looking for mentors ready to help the next generation of writers realize their dreams.

If you have a long, well-established career in lesfic, experience mentoring, and an award-winning body of work, please consider applying to be a mentor for the Writing Academy.

If you have published three or more novels and enjoy working with new authors, please consider applying to be a mentor with the Cate Culpepper Mentoring Program.

If you are ready to pay it forward, please apply to be a MENTOR today!

At this time, the Cate Culpepper program offers mentorships for manuscripts that are in the final stages of completion. We don't expect you to line edit their work. The submissions must be thoughtfully edited and polished, so you can focus on elements of the craft, such as story, plot, character development, point-of-view, and world-building, rather than on spelling and grammar. If the manuscript shows that the author still needs a great deal of instruction, please recommend they seek out the Writing Academy before reapplying for mentoring.

Mentoring Session Timeframes:

The CateCulpepper Mentoring Program
  • The mentoring session includes one pass through of a manuscript with feedback. You are welcome to reread it after the first set of revisions, but it is not mandatory.
  • Mentors may be willing to answer questions about publishing and marketing or other things that come on while mentoring.
The Writing Academy Mentoring Program
  • The mentoring session involves three months of one-on-one communication. Mentors make one full pass through the manuscript with feedback. Students then have a month to make revisions. Mentors then make a second pass through the manuscript.
  • Mentors will generally be willing to answer questions about all aspects of writing.

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