Sample Writing Academy Schedule

Writing Enticing Openings 9/12/2020   Shamim Sarif
Plot and Structure 9/19/2020   RJ Samuel
Creating Believable Worlds 9/26/2020   Anna Burke
Character Development 10/3/2020   Karelia Stetz-Waters
Setting 10/10/2020   Penny Mickelbury
Conflict 10/17/2020   Sheree Greer
Writing Cultural Diversity (Panel) 10/24/2020   Georgia Kolias, Gar McVey-Russell, TBD, moderated by Cindy Rizzo
Conflict (Title?) 10/31/2020   Anna Burke
Psychic Distance 11/7/2020   Karelia Stetz-Waters
Subplots and Layering 11/14/2020   Penny Mickelbury
Writing Trauma Panel 11/21/2020   Emily August, Mercedes Lewis, RJ Samuel, moderated by Cheryl Head
The Beats of Romance 11/28/2020  KD Williamson
Dialogue 12/5/2020   Beth Burnett
Showing Not Telling 12/12/2020   Karelia Stetz-Waters
Diverse Characters 12/19/2020   Penny Mickelbury
Break for holidays - no class
Exploding Genres and Subverting Tropes 1/9/2021   Anna Burke
Building a Mystery – Adding Suspense to Your Fiction 1/16/2021   Penny Mickelbury
Scene Writing 1/23/2021   Radclyffe
Revision I 1/30/2021   Karelia Stetz-Waters
Writing Short Fiction 2/6/2021   Anna Burke
Giving an author reading 2/13/2021   Melissa Brayden
Break - work on readings.  2/20/2021
Class readings 2/27/2021   Beth Burnett
TBD 3/6/2021   TBD
Those Pesky Villains 3/14/2021   Anna Burke
Point of View - Where's your head?  3/20/2021   Beth Burnett
Research 3/27/2021   Sheryl Wright
Work on your manuscript for mentor deadline
Mentoring Sessions: April 1 - June 30
Mentoring Preparation and Handling Mentor Feedback 4/10/2021   Joy Van Stralen
Query Letters and Pitch Sessions 4/24/2021   Karelia Stetz-Waters
Writer's Block and class check in 5/8/2021   Beth Burnett
How to Talk About Your Book 5/22/2021   Penny Mickelbury
Panel - Next Steps - where do we go from here?  6/12/2021   Pam Stewart, C.L. Taylor, Maria Rahming, Virginia Black
Marketing and Branding?  6/26/2021   TBD

Please note classes can change due to instructor schedules. This is the schedule for the class of 2021 and may change for the class of 2022. 


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