1. Who can join the GCLS?

Anybody can join who enjoys and/or supports lesbian literature.

2. Is the GCLS only for lesbians?

No, we welcome everyone interested in lesbian literature.

3. How much does it cost to join?

Currently, membership dues are only $30 per year for individuals and $75 a year for businesses.   Ready to join? Click the "JOIN US" button at the top of the page.

4. How long has the GCLS been around?

Since February, 2004.

5. How often and where is the conference?

The GCLS Conference is held annually each July.In 2018 we'll be in Las Vegas, NV. In 2019, the conference is planned for Pittsburgh, PA.

6. Is membership required for attendance at the conference or webinars?

No, anyone can attend the conference or webinars.  Members do receive preferred pricing - this is a benefit of being a member.

7. What does membership get me ?

Membership helps to cover some of our costs, and we try to keep the cost of membership down so as not to limit who has the ability to join.  As a member you:

  • are granted access to the membership pages on our website, which provides you with information about the organization, access to our member directory which include profiles of our members, author resources, or opportunities to be a resource for authors in your area of expertise.

  • receive preferred pricing for the Conference and any other GCLS hosted events.

  • have access to a directory of other members, which includes information about whether people are willing to be beta readers, resources to our authors, etc.

  • have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to attend the Conference

  • And many more benefits for both authors and readers!


8.  How do I change my password?

  • Once signed in, select the Manage Profile from the My Profile box

  • Select the Edit Bio option; you will be asked to enter the default password again for verification purposes

  • On the Edit My Member Profile page you can change your password and update your profile.

9.  How do I update my profile?

  • There are various help pages available.
  • Navigate to Home »» User's Guide.
  • Choose from the sub-menu items for information regarding making updates to your profile.



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