Finance Details
Finance Details

The financial state of our organization is good. The annual conference, the Writing Academy, and the Goldie Awards are self-sustaining financially. Our bills are paid on time. We have a good credit rating.

  • We are dependent on fund-raising though our silent auctions, donations, sales of bling, sponsorships, ads, and vendor table sales to make the Conference self-sustaining. We couldn’t do it without your continued support.

  • Your donations to, the Lesbian Reading Room Scholarship, the Jen Wright Scholarship and general donations to the Conference Scholarship Fund provide funds to help our members get to the conference when perhaps they couldn’t otherwise attend.

  • Your donation to the live auction at the conference goes primarily to the conference scholarship fund and possibly other conference expenses.

  • The Writing Academy must have a minimum of seven students each year to be self-sustaining. Thanks to the WA managers, the wonderful instructors, mentors, and students who make the WA a successful program that is key to our organization. Your donations to the WA Scholarship Fund, the Bridge Builder Scholarship Fund, and the Sandra Moran Scholarship fund all provide needed help to our students.

  • The Fall Fundraiser is our major fund-raiser to cover other costs needed to run the organization. Two major expenses are the annual subscription for Your Membership, our membership database, and for Open Water, our awards software. We also have telephone/meeting expenses, QuickBooks expenses, advertising expenses, PayPal and credit card fees for your payments, and board meeting expenses.

  • Your donations and company matching donations are a major help in accomplishing our goals.

We are mindful that your donations are money out of your pocket, and we are diligent that we make prudent use of it for our organization. Each board member is aware of their financial stewardship to the organization.

Under my leadership, we have completed our 990 forms to the IRS in a timely manner. We use a CPA firm for our 990 forms and other questions we may have about NPO (non-profit organizations) accounting that may come up from time to time. Each month a financial report is presented to the Board of Directors for approval. We have an annual budget that is also approved by the board. The treasurer also provides a monthly budget versus actuals report to the board so we all know where we stand financially.

Sandy Thornton
Director of Finance/Treasurer

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