Money, Money. Where's the Money?

An organization cannot operate without money. Achieving a healthy financial position is both a long and short-term goal of GCLS. While we are a non-profit, we must make enough money to pay bills, and invest in our organization for growth and stability. The Executive Director and all board members are responsible for making prudent decisions concerning our finances. To do this, they must have current information. The Director of Finance ensures that everyone has this information.

The financial health of the GCLS is excellent.

Sandy Thornton, Director of Finance, is happy to talk to you about GCLS finances and any questions you may have. You may reach her via email or by submitting a CONTACT form.

Finance Resources

Financial Details

GCLS finances deal with more than just "money in, money out" circumstances. As a non-profit organization, there's much to consider.

Monthly Reports

The monthly financial report is reviewed by the Board prior to our monthly meeting. The financial report requires board approval.

Annual Budget

The annual budget is prepared by the Director of Finance and the Executive Director. It is approved by the board of directors.

Financial FAQs

Financial questions abound! We've gathered some of the most common questions about finance and provided some answers.

A Message from the Director of Finance

Howdy! My name is Sandy Thornton. I'm the Director of Finance/Treasurer for the GCLS. Basically, I'm in charge of the money. If you ever have questions, you can just zip me an email or fill out a CONTACT form. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about our finances or about your monthly payments, credit cards and, checks.

This is a great volunteer job, but it requires knowledge of excel spreadsheet and QuickBooks at a minimum. I would like for you to think about how much you would enjoy this Director of Finance/Treasurer position and volunteer. I would love to work with someone to assume these duties in the near future. Be sure to reach out to me if you're interested.

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