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Gender Identity/Pronouns -Gender Identity in Western Cultures (From Rachel Gold)


GCLS Diversity & Inclusion Policy

In keeping with its fundamental principles, the GCLS is committed to social justice in the elimination of organizational structures and actions that oppress, exclude, limit or discriminate on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, financial ability, sexual orientation, religion, disability or age.


 "Younger people are more open to gender fluidity. And these kids are the future of lesbian fiction.”

Andi Marquette, GCLS member

“There’s no gay bar or safe space here in Hattiesburg. GCLS is the only place I can be myself.”

Marie Castle, GCLS member


“I’m a voracious reader of lesfic. But I don’t often see the 25-year old in the stories I read. How can we be relevant to the next generation of readers?” 

Pam Stewart, GCLS member/Writing Academy Alumna

“I understand ‘queer’ as a catch all term, but the word ‘lesbian’ has some agency and we need to keep it. This doesn’t have to be a turf war.”

S. Andrea Allen, GCLS member


“From a literary perspective, diversity and inclusion affects the plot, story line, and words. Millennials will require lesfic writers to be more inclusive.”

Anne Geary, GCLS Board


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