What is it about the Golden Crown Literary Society that makes us such a great organization?

Put very simply: Our members!

Over the years, the GCLS community has grown significantly. But we've never lost the closeness that has helped define who we are.

Our move to a new Member Management system and website now allows us to foster the friendships and relationships we've all built over the years. And for our new members, this is a chance to interact with the community and forge those friendships.

There are two significant site features that members can use to meet new people, discuss literature, and learn from other members.

  • GROUPS: We offer a plethora of groups where members can interact with each other. There are groups focusing on several LesFic genres, regional groups, education groups, and groups specifically for our Annual conferences. Group members can participate in the forums, share blogs, maintain a photo gallery, share files, and so much more!
  • FORUMS: While each of our groups has a forum for members to interact, there are also some general community forums where members can get help tips for navigating the GCLS website, learn about new releases, and find out where their favorite authors are doing readings and signings. Check back! More forums will be added periodically.

Look around. Join some groups. Participate in some forums. Get to know your fellow members.

And, if you're interested in being a Group Administrator or a Forum Moderator, please contact Carleen Spry at

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