Karin Kallmaker

Karin Kallmaker has always written about lesbians and love and isn’t likely to change. Her nearly thirty novels include Painted Moon, Touchwood, The Kiss that Counted, Maybe Next Time and Substitute for Love. She’s also written more than five dozen short stories and novellas. Her writing career began with the venerable Naiad Press and continues with Bella Books. In 2008, she joined Bella Books as the press's first Editorial Director and was awarded the GCLS Trailblazer in 2011. Complete bibliography, awards, reviews, videos and book notes can be found at Kallmaker.com.

Note: These videos have been filmed live and not in a controlled studio environment. The sound quality and at times video quality reflect the environment they were filmed in. That said, the content of the videos, and the knowledge imparted, are of the highest quality. 

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