Cate Culpepper Mentoring Program

Cate Culpepper 1957 - 2014

About the Program

Cate Culpepper was an award-winning author and GCLS member who inspired young authors by lending her time and talent to mentoring. When GCLS established this mentoring program, it was named after Culpepper as a tribute to someone who gave so much of herself to support emerging writers.

Now, a number of well-established lesfic authors donate their time to help new and emerging authors. They offer feedback to help hone writing skills, polish a manuscript, and take the quality of lesbian-themed writing to the next level.

The wonderful authors volunteer their time so the Golden Crown Literary Society can offer this service at no cost. Because of this, there is an application process and potential mentees must be accepted into the program. Please keep this in mind when submitting your application and writing sample.

Please note that mentoring is not intended to replace a professional editor and the responsibility for an error-free submission rests on the author. 



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Your manuscript will be reviewed by a single mentor.  You will have the opportunity to follow up with the mentor on her review, ask questions, and then resubmit a sample of your manuscript showing how you have implemented her suggestions, for a second review.  She will provide you with additional feedback and suggestions for you to use as you then re-work your manuscript based on her feedback.   The timeline can vary from 3 weeks to 2 months, depending on the mentor's availability and on how fast you are able to get a revision back to your mentor after the first pass.  

Each applicant may only take part in the mentoring program once as there is often a waiting list of authors waiting to be paired with a mentor.

Please note that at the end of mentoring, your manuscript may still need significant re-working, and you alone are responsible for submitting a clean, error-free manuscript for publication or submission.




Requirements for Submissions

  • 10 page writing sample and a maximum one page synopsis of your novel. 
  • Your writing sample must be from the manuscript you plan to submit for mentoring, and one that you believe you have taken as far as you possibly can without mentoring.  
  • Your sample and your manuscript must be as clean a copy as you can manage. That means you have revised it at least once and you have checked for spelling and grammatical errors. 
  • Submissions much be a Word file (.doc or .docx)   

Formatting guidelines: 

  • 12 pt Times New Roman or Arial 
  • double spaced
  • indent at the start of new paragraph
  • no spaces between paragraphs
  • adhere to standard dialog formatting 
  • spell/grammar check your submission before uploading the file on your application

Mentee Application Process

1) Sign in to your GCLS Account on our website at
2) Click the link below to start Mentee Application
3) Fill out the application – but do not submit - see (4)
4) Upload your writing sample, including a brief synopsis, to the application form.
5) Complete the simple math problem to prove the application is being made by a person and not a ‘bot. Then click send.

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Do you want to be a Mentor?


As a mentor,you can help new writers hone their skills and increase the quality of lesfic in general.

You can give as much or as little time as you have. The minimum we ask is for you to give two passes through the manuscript. The first to offer suggestions and feedback on the work. The second to reread after the author has worked on revisions based on your feedback.

If you are ready to pay it forward, please apply to be a MENTOR today. We would be honored to have you as a part of our team!

Make sure you are logged into the GCLS site, then click here to apply.

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