Renée Bess

Always enamored with writing, Renée Bess entered a short fiction contest in 1994. Her story, “At the Beauty Parlor,” won first place. Subsequently, two other short stories were included in Canadian LGBT anthologies. In 2004, she retired from teaching and began writing in earnest. 

She’s written five novels, all published by Regal Crest Enterprises. The genres she’s explored are: traditional romance, romance with intrigue, and general literary fiction. Her most recent project, OUR HAPPY HOURS, LGBT VOICES FROM THE GAY BARS, is an anthology co-curated with writer, Lee Lynch. This Flashpoint Publication won a Golden Crown Literary Award in 2018. 

Renée remains committed to writing stories with multi-ethnic, fully drawn characters, timely social and family-dynamic issues, and well-crafted language. Please visit her website: 

Note: These videos have been filmed live and not in a controlled studio environment. The sound quality and at times video quality reflect the environment they were filmed in. That said, the content of the videos, and the knowledge imparted, are of the highest quality. 

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