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Apply for the Technology Team
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GCLS Technology Team

The GCLS is growing!

  • We’re getting more and more new members every week
  • Attendance at the Annual Conference is increasing every year
  • We’ve had another record-breaking year of Goldie nominations
  • We’re branching out with some new and exciting programs and events

All of this, of course, means we need your help.

We’re building a Technology Team! Our technology needs have grown significantly over the last year. So much so that it is no longer a job for just one or two people.

What are these “technology needs” that seems so very important? Well, let me tell ya!

  • Website:  As you know, we launched a new website this year. It has more capability than our sites in the past, which means there’s a lot more we can do.
    • New content is always being added to our website. And we're always looking for ways to make the navigation more user-friendly.
    • We now have online forums and groups that need moderators and administrators.
  • Conference: If you’ve been to a conference, you know what happens. Speeches and writing classes are recorded; the membership meeting is now streamed live for members who cannot attend the conference; panelists and presenters will often need to hook up a computer to a projector; the Awards ceremony is one, big ball of technology.
  • E-commerce: We have an integrated web store now and that needs to be maintained. Our Member Management program generates invoices and integrates with Quickbooks.
  • Communication: All of our email communication (including this one) works through our Member Management system. As you’ve probably seen, we have lots to tell you all throughout the year. Creating and managing those email templates can be quite a job.
  • Writing Academy: Technology needs for our educational offerings are getting more and more advanced. Classes are done via webinar. Interviews and other videos are edited and formatted for distribution via the website. Online web pages and other resources are maintained for the Writing Academy students, in particular, and the full membership, in general.


As you can see, we have many opportunities to be involved on the Technology Team. There are a variety of levels of involvement:

  • Moderating forums (answering questions, keeping the conversation civil, bringing issues to the Board of Directors)
  • Administering groups (updating group pages, encouraging conversation and participation among group members)
  • Helping the Writing Academy (can be creating/maintaining web pages, helping with videos, or helping with webinars)
  • Assisting the Director of Finance (invoices, payments)
  • Maintaining GCLS web pages
  • Running Audio-Visual equipment at the Annual Conference (making sure computers in presentations rooms connect to projectors)
  • Knowing everything there is to know about the GCLS web platform and Member Management system


There will be plenty of training. Your Membership - our Membership Management and web programs - have a series of webinars and videos that are quite good. Additionally, Carleen Spry will provide training that is specific to the GCLS.

We're looking for people to serve on the Technology Team who are pumped up about being involved! We're looking for a commitment of spirit. The time commitment will vary depending on the job and the time of year...and what YOU choose to put into it.

While prior experience is not necessary, it is most definitely preferred (particularly for Conference A/V and E-commerce). Everyone except forum moderators and group administrators will learn learn the backend - or administrative side - of our system. And, again, the training is pretty extensive. So, no, you don't have to have direct experience in web design or configuration, but having an affinity for learning technology is decidedly helpful.

If you're interested, fill out the application below. We'll review applications and be in contact with everyone by February 10, 2016. Carleen will then work with everyone chosen to schedule an introductory conference call (or two if needed to account for time zone differences). 

Thank you!

2018 Tee Corinne Finalists

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