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"The Vendor's Room"

The Vendors' Room is the hub of the GCLS Conference.  
This year, we will be returning to the model where the Vendor Room will have tables & chairs, and therefore places for people to socialize, eat lunch and create a friendly, social atmosphere. In addition to all our vendors and organizations in the Vendor Room, our Silent Auction and GCLS Information Table are also located there.  All of these things bring a lot of foot traffic to the room.  We look forward to having you as part of the heart of our conference!
We have 22 Vendor tables in the Vendor Room this year. NOTE: you must contact Judy Comella or Liz Gibson to reserve your table - signing up and paying for one, is not enough!    In the diagram, tables are showing as single tables or doubles. However we can certainly combine or re-arrange (within limits).  
Attendees will be eating lunch in both the Vendor Room and the Foyer, so there will be regular traffic in the Vendor Room.




TO BOOK YOUR VENDOR TABLE:  (1) Use the general registration form to pay for your table(s) (NOTE: you can use this form multiple times, so you don't need to register and pay for your other tickets at the same time if you don't want to). (2) Contact Liz Gibson and let her know which tables you would like.


General Information for Vendor Area

We welcome all vendors, organizations and individuals whose mission is related to lesbian literature, lesbian life, or are a friend to lesbians and the LGBTQ community.


The following provides basic information regarding what is available to you, and how to reserve them: 
  • Table fees:  In 2016, Our Vendor Tables will be 6.5 feet in length, 30" deep, and will be dressed on top, in front and both sides. This year, we are once again able to keep our vendor tables at the very reasonable cost of $60 per table.   This fee will be charged at the time you register and reserve your table(s).
  • WiFi:  Vendors requiring WiFi (regular phone connectivity is good at our location), will be charged an additional one time fee of $25 to cover all 5 days (Wednesday to Sunday).  You can sign up for wifi and get a password when you arrive - no need to reserve in advance.
  • Extension Cords: We recommend that you bring your own - but they can be rented from PSAV.  If you need one please contact Judy Comella, and she will connect you with PSAV to make arrangements.
  • Easels: The GCLS has limited numbers of easels available for $25 per easel, for the full conference period.  If we run out, you can rent easels from the hotel.
  • Displays: Hotels generally do NOT permit taping or hanging of any posters, signs, or any other materials on hotel walls, except by their hotel engineers. Please plan on alternative signage or contact the hotel for pricing on having the hotel hang any signage that you would like hung.
  • Banners:   
    • Wall-hung banners can only be hung by hotel engineering staff for a fee.  
    • Vertical self standing banners are fine - LIMIT ONE VERTICAL BANNER PER TABLE.  Vertical banners may ONLY be placed BEHIND your vendor table. No vertical banners will be allowed in front or to the side of a vendor table.

Registration Information: 

  • Vendor passes are only available to those who will only be working your vendor table(s).
    • Vendor Room access only, No Food -FREE
    • Vendor Room access only, With Food -$130 Early bird ($146.25 Regular)
  • Vendor All-Access Pass (with food) - will carry the name of your business only, and not a specific person's name.  It can be used by any person working at YOUR Vendor Station in order to leave the Vendor area and attend a session, master class, Panel, etc; attend the Awards Ceremony, and attend any event.  Only one person may use this pass at a time.  $245 earlybird ($275.63 Regular) per All Access Vendor Pass.
  • Vendor All-Access Pass, No Food - Same as All Access pass, but no food included.$150.00 earlybird ($168.75 regular)

The Vendor's Room is located in the Terrace Room of the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center Hotel. Vendor Tables will be mostly around the outer walls of the room, and the center will be filled with tables for attendees to eat lunch, socialize, etc. This room is accessed from the main conference Foyer.  If overflow space is needed for additional vendors, we will make tables available in the large Foyer, where there will also be lunch tables and much traffic. However, vendors in the Foyer will have to store their goods every night.  We can provide locked storage nearby.


WHY (be a vendor)?:
We are expecting ~350-400 attendees this year.  If your product or books capture the interest of lesbians, their families and/or friends - then this is your dedicated audience. Our attendees are known for supporting those who support them...

The Vendor's Room (and foyer) will be available for setup from NOON on TUESDAY, July 5th, 2016.  Registration will open at 11am on Wednesday, July 6th, and the Conference will begin with opening remarks at 1:00pm.   We recommend that you have your station set up by 11am on the 6th - but this is not a requirement and you are welcome to setup on your own schedule.

The Vendor Room is open through Sunday Noon, July 10th for last minute sales and visits during the Sunday breakfast.  Take-down is from Noon through 3pm on Sunday.  We ask that all vendors be out of the Vendor Room by 2pm, but absolutely no later than 3pm, when the rooms will be turned over to the hotel.
There will be access to a loading dock (significantly cleaner and closer than last year!!) for you to unload your books, etc.  we highly recommend bringing a dolly with you.  If you request a dolly, you will have to pay for the staff to do the work. You will not be allowed to personally use hotel dollies (liability).


Based on our research, it is our belief you are not required to get a VA Business license or Tax license to sell books or other items during the conference, as long as all sales are carried out in the Conference Area (i.e. Vendor Room, Ballroom, Conference Foyer, etc.). GCLS can not be held liable if this information is incorrect.  To be absolutely certain, we recommend that you contact the VA State offices to confirm for your specific business.



Every conference, we try to ensure that there will be one main bookseller, who will offer to sell books for publishers (e.g. who cannot attend), or for authors who would like someone to sell their books for them.  Authors and publishers should negotiate directly with the bookseller for any fees/ commissions associated with this arrangement.  The GCLS is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any arrangements made between you and the bookseller.

The 2016 Book Seller is Bella Distribution.  Please contact Linda Hill at linda@belladist.com to make arrangements for them to sell your books.

If you need assistance either making special arrangements, or need volunteers to help you unload on arrival, please contact the GCLS Conference Coordinator, Judy Comella at judy.comella@goldencrown.org or Liz Gibson at director@goldencrown.org
If you have any questions or would like to arrange for a customized Vendor/Booth Plan, please contact the GCLS Conference Coordinator, Judy Comella, at  judy.comella@goldencrown.org

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