Virtual Conference Schedule

virtual Conference schedule

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Writing Academy Graduation

12:00 PM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

Join us as we celebrate the graduation of the Writing Academy Class of 2020. We'll also announce 2020-2021 Writing Academy Scholarship recipients during this time. 

PANEL: Persistence, Perseverance, Perspiration: How to Finish What You Start

2:00 PM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

The Angel of Great Ideas perches on your shoulder and it's magic — a new project begins. Finishing, though, is often not so magical. There are real life crises, creative setbacks, and the black hole gravity well of the word grind. Not to mention the wily, insidious rantings from the Demons of You're Not Good Enough and Nobody Will Read It Anyway. This panel of authors from different genres and using different processes will share tips, strategies, and the mental hacks that help them finish that first draft — and will help you too.

Moderator: MJ Lowe

Panelists: Jessie Chandler, Kimberly Cooper Griffin, Cheryl Head, Karin Kallmaker, KG MacGregor

Sunday, June 21, 2020

PANEL: Sex, Lies, and Lesfic

2:00 PM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

Does Lesfic have an obligation to be realistic? If we celebrate diversity, why do so many Lesfic stories continue to serve up representations of impossible sex, idealized bodies, and wildly wealthy protagonists. Join us for a conversation with readers and writers about the lies we perpetuate and the possible consequences for spreading them.

Moderator: Karelia Stetz-Waters

Panelists: Avery Brooks, Millie Ireland, Patrice James, Jaycie Morrison, Renee Young

PANEL: Queer Books are Lit: a Millennial Perspective on Media

3:00 PM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

As millennial queers, we came of age when positive(ish) queer representation was suddenly present in movies, television, and music. Why did we choose literature and how did the broader media landscape influence our novels? Join this group of young authors as we discuss ever expanding queer media and why we chose traditional publishing to tell non-traditional stories.

Moderator: Barbara Ann Wright

Panelists: Ashley Bartlett, Jane C. Esther, Sam Ledel, Sandy Lowe, Tagan Shepard

PANEL: Size Matters

4:00 PM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

Join five authors in a discussion of how Size Matters. In a time when we are addressing the needs of our diverse community, they will explore the necessity for more books that feature plus size women protagonists. It is undeniable that plus size beauties exist within our community and are loved, and our stories should reflect the diversity of all body sizes. But what does that look like within a book? What are the stereotypes to avoid? How can a well-meaning author avoid the micro-aggression pitfalls that often occur?

Moderator: Rita Kogler Carver

Panelists: EA Kafkalas, Shawn Marie Bryan, Cindy Rizzo, Joy Van Stralen, Sheryl Wright

Friday, June 26, 2020

MASTER CLASS: Mapping Your Novel (2 Hours)

7:00 PM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

Publisher and author Isabella will discuss how to brainstorm your genre, characters, story and series using mapping techniques. Using a series of handouts, writers will learn how to map out backstory, timeline, characters and other areas of their story.

Instructor: Isabella

Saturday, June 27, 2020

MASTER CLASS - The Art of the Scene (2 Hours)

10:00 AM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

Scenes are the building blocks of story: the fundamental units of every novel we write. Despite being universal and familiar elements, scenes are constructed differently based upon what kind of novel we are writing, where in the story the scene falls, or what we intend the scene to achieve. The “purpose” of every scene is unique.

This discussion focuses on the "how-to's" of utilizing the art of the scene to progress the plot, deepen character, and hook the reader into turning page after page. We will discuss types of scenes (opening, transitional, progressive, turning point), scene content (action versus reaction/reflection), choice of narrative POV, optimal endings to propel pace, and identifying when to add a "key" scene or beat in the three-act story arc. With these tools, whether a pantster or a plotter, authors can reliably count on crafting dynamic scenes from the opening page to the final resolution that will carry the reader inexorably forward to a satisfying conclusion.

Instructor: Radclyffe

PANEL: GCLS Fanfic 201: Expanding your Fanfic Reach

12:00 PM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

We'll look how writers and readers can enhance their participation in the wonderful world of fan fiction. How do you build an audience as a writer or a reputation as a reader? What are some ways to move from fanfic to being a published author? How do readers move between fanfic and lesfic? What attracts them from one to the other? Is the diversity of fanfic pushing diversity in lesfic? What is the etiquette of moving between the two communities? When should you link your fanfic to your published works? When and why do published authors keep their fanfic secret?

Moderator: Rachel Gold

Panelists: K. Aten, Patrice James, Rae D. Magdon, Tagan Shepard

Sunday, June 28, 2020

PANEL: Making a Living From Writing

2:00 PM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

They say it can't be done, but we're here to prove that it can. Five authors, independent, traditionally published, and hybrid, discuss their journey to becoming full-time authors and making a living from their craft.

Moderator: Suzie Carr

Panelists: Melissa Brayden, Lise Gold, Claire Highton-Stevenson, Jae, A.E. Radley

PANEL: Invisible Disabilities in Lesfic

3:00 PM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

Chronic pain. Sleep disorders. PTSD. All can be “invisible disabilities” that intersect physical and mental health issues and permeate every part of society. Creating characters who possess invisible disabilities can be tricky, as these complex issues cross class, race, and sexuality. Join these authors for a conversation about navigating the world of invisible disabilities in lesfic and creating characters who adapt and cope within a larger and often unsympathetic society.

Moderator: Anne Geary

Panelists: Tammy Bird, Dava Gamble, Roxy Raven, KL Rhavensfyre, LL Shelton

Friday, July 3, 2020

PANEL: Laughing Our Way Through It

7:00 PM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

In the age fake news and political strife, the romantic comedy has become more important than ever. These are the books that give us hope during bleak times, make us laugh when we could use it, and provide us true-hearted heroines to root for. But how do these writers find the right balance of fun and sincere emotion? How do they craft the light hearted moments that soothe our souls? Join us for a lively discussion and behind the scenes look at how popular rom-com writers create the salve that piece our hearts back together when we need it most.

Moderator: Melissa Brayden

Panelists: Georgia Beers, Virginia Black, Karin Kallmaker, Carsen Taite, Elle Spencer

Sunday, July 5, 2020

PANEL: Chemistry 101

10:00 AM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

Welcome to Chemistry Class--the fun kind! You can't create a hot female couple without that perfect, sexy, all-important chemistry. Join these best-selling romance writers as they discuss the importance of chemistry and the formulas they use to get it just right, keeping their readers turned on and turning the pages well into the night.

Moderator: Carsen Taite

Panelists: Georgia Beers, Jaime Clevenger, Jae, Rachel Spangler, Elle Spencer

Friday, July 10, 2020

PANEL: Creating Our Culture

7:00 PM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

Books have the power to inform and even define culture. Yet the mainstream depiction of WLW (women-loving-women) culture is often skewed and/or unrealistic. What do we as writers choose to define lesfic culture? How are we creating works that represent us more accurately? A panel of writers will discuss their views on creating lesfic culture and what gaps still exist.

Moderator: Avery Brooks

Panelists: Lynn Ames, Anna Burke, Rae D. Magdon, Cindy Rizzo, Rachel Spangler

Saturday, July 11, 2020

PANEL: Kiss & Tell: Readers and Writers Discuss if Sex Matters

11:00 AM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

From that first kiss to the morning after, intimate moments can show us more than a character's favorite position. We learn their desires, their weaknesses, and maybe something about ourselves. Or at least we can. But how important are sex scenes for character and relationship development? What makes a sex scene work? Can a sex scene be worthwhile if the characters are just having fun? And why do some readers skip the sex scene entirely? Let's open up a space for readers and writers to discuss.

Moderator: Jaime Clevenger

Panelists: Virginia Black, Amy Herman-Pall, Patrice James, Aurora Rey, Laina Villeneuve


4:00 PM EST – Register for Virtual Conference

Join us as we celebrate another year of outstanding Lesbian-themed literature. 

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