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Apply here for the 2019/20 Writing Academy Class

Applications are decided as they are received. We accept applications until we have reached a full class.

The GCLS Writing Academy is a year long intensive program for new or relatively new writers who have written at least part of a novel. In this course, students will learn the critical components of quality writing. The Writing Academy goes beyond craft of writing and takes students through all aspects of writing and publishing a novel.

Over the course of the year, students attend weekly classes covering craft of writing, revision, the publication process, and how to handle mentor feedback.

See a sample schedule here.

Classes take place online on Saturdays at noon EST. It is highly recommended you attend each live class, as the interaction with other students and the professor feedback is an important part of this program.

The program concludes with a one-on-one mentoring experience with some of the most established and awarded authors in lesbian fiction.     

The Writing Academy provides an environment that supports the development of a community of learners through regular online interactions, shared assignments, and teamwork. The program is comprised of 12 students and 3 full time faculty plus honorary guest instructors.

The level of success that you experience in this program will be based on the amount of time and energy that you are willing to put into your writing during the course of the year.


Writing Academy FAQ


Classes start in the beginning of September and graduation will take place at the conference in July the following year. Conference attendance is not required to graduate.

To apply for the program, click HERE.


You will be asked to upload a writing sample as part of your application process.  Your writing sample must be:

  1. 10 double spaced pages of your best work in a .doc or .docx format.

  2. Include a one paragraph set up for the scene you are submitting. This paragraph should be single spaced and included at the beginning of the work.

  3. Your writing sample must be formatted as follows:

  • Times New Roman 12 point font 

  • 1 inch margins

  • Proper paragraph indentation

  • Dialogue formatted correctly 


Apply here for the 2019/20 Writing Academy Class


The cost for this year-long intensive writing program is 995.00 USD.

We want to make this program available to as many people as possible, regardless of economic situation. If you are accepted we can set you up with a monthly payment plan to pay your fees.  

In the event of cancellation, a refund will only be awarded if cancelled before the second class of the year. Since there is inevitably a waiting list for this program, please be sure you have the time and commitment to be part of it before applying.

There are two full scholarship opportunities for the Writing Academy. For more information, check here. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Apply here for the 2019/20Writing Academy Class


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